Summer Architecture Program

Course Description:

This architecture and design program involves a series of exercises that incorporate issues of critical thinking, aesthetics, structural integrity, and the inherent properties of material. There will be substantial readings that corresponded to the curriculum. Drawing exercises will be conducted, and formal architectural theory will be investigated. There will be visits to sites of architectural interest. Students will be assigned two major and concurrent design projects which will culminate in an exhibition, presentation, and criticism that will take place at the end of the program. Credits are elective in nature and are applicable to future degree study at the Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture at The City College of New York.

Eligible Students must have the following:

A minimum major course average of 80


A minimum score of 75 on the English Language Arts Regents exam


A minimum score of 480 on the PSAT E-BRW; 


A minimum score of 480 on the SAT E-BRW; 


A minimum score of 20 on the ACT

Class Scedule:

Class number: AES 19902 Credits: 6      

 Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday           Times: 9 – 12 and 1 – 4