Parents, Families and Guests

Information for Parents, Families & Guests


Note: Commencement will take place outdoors and on a grass surface: flat shoes are advised for comfort and mobility.



Security Precautions

The security of our students and their families is always a College priority. To ensure guest safety and efficient entry into all commencement ceremonies, no drones, bags, packages, backpacks, umbrellas or selfie sticks will be allowed into these venues during our main and divisional graduations. Graduation venues include The South Campus Great Lawn, Aaron Davis Hall, the Great Hall of Shepard Hall and Spitzer Gallery. Those who do not comply with this directive will have banned items searched, and can expect to be delayed in entering the seating or marching areas. There will be no provisions for checking these items.

Thank you for your cooperation at this important time.



Commencement will take place rain or shine.  For additional information on weather-related commencement changes, please visit the Information for Graduates page and review the "Weather" section.



If you are traveling to campus via Access-A-Ride or by private car due to a disability, please note the drop-off points: West 135 Street and Amsterdam Avenue or West 140 Street and Convent Avenue.  At these respective drop-off locations, there will be available CCNY Gem cars to transport you to the accessibility entrance at 75 St. Nicholas Terrace.  The drop-off points are designated due to streets closed to vehicular traffic.

Shuttle information



On Campus parking on Commencement Day will be very limited.   We very strongly suggest you take public transportation or park in a local public garage.  There will be NO PARKING on South Campus.  Local parking lot/garage information can be found using the website. 

Shuttle information



The following concession vendors will be available for CCNY friends and family during Commencement Week.  Stop by and grab a bite!





Korilla Gourmet BBQ

Our little tiger cub grew up fast! We've braved the mean streets [and mean cops] of NYC, sold tacos and burritos world–wide, rocked Sesame Street, and was on "reality" TV's The Great Food Truck Race on The Food Network. Our menus grew up too. Today we offer the best quality proteins, kimchi, and vegetables that we can source, as well as seasonal specialties and the occasional secret menu. All-natural, healthy, and fresh aren't just marketing terms, it's our responsibility.  We've redefined what you know about Korean Barbecue. Korilla brings you the best of Korean cooking, in a format you already love. In other words, a burrito with bulgogi and bacon kimchi fried rice has been your favorite burrito all along, you just didn't know it yet. :)


Tony Dragon Grille

Skilled preparation, high-quality ingredients, and a great attitude. The focus at Tony Dragon’s Grille is to be a positive force in the food-service industry. We trail Greek/Mediterranean recipes rich in authenticity and nutrients; however, our menu is quite versatile and steps out of those boundaries on occasion. We strive to serve our beautiful gourmet creations at a stellar price, while providing excellent service, suiting of a true Madison Avenue dining experience. We’ve been serving the entire cross-section of NYC from executives to tourists for over 30 years, and it keeps getting better. The mission has been further elevated so that quality-fresh food could mean much more. Wild Salmon, Free-Range Chicken Breast, USDA Choice Rib Eye Steak, and an expanded selection of fresh Mediterranean Salads. We promise to align our supply-chain in a more sustainable fashion moving forward when it is possible for us to do so. Our dedication to perpetual improvement is the badge worn proudly on our sleeve.


Makina Cafe

Born in Ethiopia from parents of Eritrean descent, Makina Cafe founder Eden G. Egziabher was raised amidst a vibrant mix of Ethiopian, Eritrean and Italian cultures. It’s no coincidence that “Makina” translates to “truck” in all three of these countries’ languages, whose cultures combine to create the mosaic of flavors found on the mobile cafe’s menu.  Eden prides herself on being the first Eritrean-American female entrepreneur in NYC with a food truck serving “Habesha” food. Used as a term of pride, the word “Habesha” is used to eliminate the distinction between different tribes of Eritrea and Ethiopia and celebrates the unity of people of the same region.  Tasty, healthy, nutritious and something quite unique, Makina Cafe serves up breakfast and lunch to New Yorkers that are tired of the same old take-out options. You can follow Makina Cafe (@makinacafe) on all major social media outlets to find the trucks’ locations each day.  In the future, Eden hopes to bring the Makina experience to other parts of the US and use Makina Cafe as a charitable platform that gives back to the community.