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The Computer Science Co-Op Program @ CCNY

Career & Professional Development Institute

The Computer Science Co-Op Program @ CCNY


The Computer Science Co-Op Program @ CCNY is a two-semester-long program designed to deliver qualified tech talent to local employers and short-term professional opportunities to competitive NYC undergraduates.  A partnership between the NYC Tech Talent Pipeline and City College of New York (CCNY), The Computer Science Co-Op Program @ CCNY gathers valuable feedback from host businesses to better align tech education with the workforce needs of NYC employers.

The Computer Science Co-op Program @ CCNY administered by the Computer Science Department and CCNY Career and Professional Development Institute (CPDI) places computer science students with employers partners.  This is a paid opportunity throughout the duration of the program and students are eligible to up to 9 academic credit hours.  Students must remember the following points below...

  • Credits will be applied to the Free Electives first.  If the student has completed their Free Electives, they will then be applied to a General Technical Elective (not CS Technical Elective)
  • Students will be required to complete additional professional development and computer science training over the winter break.  Student will work part-time (15-20 hours) during the Spring semester and fulltime during the Summer terms.
  • The program is focused on current Junior and Sophomore level students
  • For the Spring semester ONLY, there are 15 slots that are paid at a rate of $15 per hour.  If a student does not qualify for a paid slot, the student will still receive the academic credit but the Spring semester will be unpaid.  Summer fulltime hours are paid at a rate of $18 per hour
  • There is not a GPA requirement but students' academic credentials/transcripts/professional development will be evaluated for a paid Spring slot.  
  • You must have a minimum of 6 free or tech electives available to participate.
  • Students will have an opportunity to meet with the participating employers and pick their top 3 choices.  This does not guarantee that the student will be assigned to one of their top three.

To apply to the program, please visit your CCNY Career Connections account and complete these 3 things

  1. Upload your resume and unofficial transcript under "My Documents" tab in CCNY Career Connections
  2. Complete the application under the tab in CCNY Career Connections "Program Registrations, Applications, & Surveys"
  3. Schedule an appointment with the Program Manager, Sean Manning, under the tab in CCNY Career Connections "Schedule Appointment & Calendar"

At the appointment, the Program Manager will review the requirements and evaluation process for acceptance into the program.

NYC Tech Talent Pipeline is a $10 million public-private partnership, launched by Mayor Bill de Blasio in May 2014 to support the growth of the NYC tech sector and prepare New Yorkers across the five boroughs for 21st century jobs. The Tech Talent Pipeline works with public and private partners to define employer needs, develop and test training and education solutions, and scale what works throughout the City, delivering quality talent for the City’s businesses and quality jobs for New Yorkers.