5 Reasons to Start Your Medical Billing & Coding Career!

5 Reasons to Start Your Medical Billing & Coding Career! 

You've always considered a career in healthcare but didn't want to work in patient care. 

Well, medical billing and coding might be the job for you! Their role is pivotal in reading and analyzing patient records, using codes to bill insurance providers, keeping track of patient date, and maintaining patient confidentiality. Here are five reasons to influence your decision! 

1) No need for medical school!

You can become certified in just a few months from an accredited school such as City College's, Office of Continuing And Professional Studies, and pass the state certification exam. 

2) Wide range of employer options.

Hospitals, medical clinics, nursing homes, medical laboratories, phsyical therapy centers, and aministrative support centers, all employ medical biller and coders! 

3) The job market is open! 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the projected job growth for medical billing and coding specialists is set to rise by at least 22% by year 2022. This can only mean that a lot fo companies are looking to hire and fill positions! 

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4) Work shift flexibility. 

Most institutions , whether it's a hospital, or medical clinic, operate 24/7, which means medical billing and coders are needed for all shifts. If the rgular 9-5 schedule doesn't fit your schedule, maybe an evening or overnight shift is best suited for your lifestyle. Either way, flexibility of work hours is quite appealing. 

5) Salaries are competitive. 

A few years ago, the median medical billing and coding salary was about $37K per year. According to the Bureao of Labor Statistics, that's about $1,000 above the average for all occupations tracked bythe BLS! The median salary is reported to be $40,790 per year, while the top 10% of earners in the field rake in about $61,400 per year! Overtime work is also available! 


Last Updated: 07/15/2021 14:42