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Jackie Kellso

Continuing and Professional Studies

Jackie Kellso

PointMaker Communications, Inc.

Jackie Kellso, President and www.linkedin/in/jackiekellso


Jackie Kellso, President of PointMaker Communications, Inc., is the "Retrain Your Brain" expert. Applying neuroscience to her coaching and training, Jackie helps her clients challenge their old beliefs, outdated habits and antiquated ways of thinking and communicating. From the way we think, to how we interact with others, to how we communicate who we are, and how we manage conflict, present our ideas, take risks -- all begins with our brain's wiring. Jackie's methodology includes improved communication and interpersonal techniques that mirror a strong self-image and yield successful outcomes. This work is a challenging journey of inner development and outer mastery for ambitious professionals.

Effective communication and human relations are core to Jackie, having had a successful twenty-three-year career in media sales and sales management (1982-2005) working for such high-profile companies as The New Yorker, New York Magazine, A&E Network, Viacom, iVillage and Hearst Magazines.

It was a natural progression for her to then attain certification as a trainer for Dale Carnegie Training (2003) which made her realize that helping people become who they are meant to be was her calling. Jackie was freelance trainer with Dale Carnegie Training for 13 years. During this period that she also became a certified Brain-Based Coach with The NeuroLeadership Institute (2011). 

In 2017, Jackie was honored to become a professional speaker for Vistage, a global CEO business and peer advisory organization. As of 2018, Jackie will add adjunct professor, with the City College of New York, to her many accreditations.

As President of PointMaker Communications, Jackie coaches and trains professionals from Millennials to Baby Boomers, across all industries, through one-on-one coaching, corporate training and public workshops.