Our Mission


Continuing and Professional Studies is committed to making quality educational programs available to the community. At CPS we understand that learning is a lifelong process. We also realize that today's unstable economy requires the continuous self-improvement of those who currently have jobs as well as those seeking employment. Our mission is to support students of all ages as they prepare for college, transition to new careers, and/or upgrade their skills. Each semester we offer over thirteen Certificate Programs, more than ten seminars, and a variety of workshops focused on professional certification. Courses and workshops offered in the past include English as a Second Language; preparation for the GED; skills assessment; and training workshops for women in non-traditional fields such as the construction industry. We have also developed after-school programs as part of our mission to offer community support.

The goal of helping students find work has led CPS to forge alliances with small businesses in the community through such organizations as Acciόn, Channel 41, Small Business Services, the Small Business Administration, and the Audubon Partnership for Economic Development. When small businesses flourish there are more job opportunities. With this in mind, we consistently offer seminars on the development of business plans, ways to secure business loans, and minority certification of businesses.

Keeping up with the changing circumstances of our community is an important part of what CPS does. To provide timely information to our students and the community we often host Job Fairs that present employment opportunities in a variety of fields including health care, the construction industry, and business entrepreneurship. Over 800 residents from all five boroughs have already walked through our doors to attend workshops and seminars led by industry professionals such as the Dormitory Authority of New York, Turner Construction, the Small Business Administration, and the NYC Department of Small Business Services. 

CPS Understands Community

Thanks to a New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) grant we are now able to reach beyond Harlem and Washington Heights to provide training and job preparation in Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx, and Brooklyn. Along with this newly developing city-wide sense of community we have also begun to address the needs of the college community that embraces us. CPS is now partnered with academic departments at City College in an effort to provide continuing education to City College alumni as well as licensed professionals.

CPS is always looking toward the future in our attempt to meet the needs of the community. We are here to help you reach your personal and professional goals as we develop partnerships with academic departments at City College and business organizations throughout New York City. Our unwavering commitment is to offer you lifelong learning at its best.

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