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We are pleased to announce The Stickney Theater Arts Project (S.T.A.P.) at the City College of New York. S.T.A.P. is the Stickney's answer to the need of aspiring actors who are in the beginning, middle, or in-between stage of their training and careers. The sister and brother team of Phyllis Y. Stickney and Timothy D. Stickney are partnering to bring over 50 years of combined experience and wisdom, with unique styles, to your theater training. Their mission is to cultivate excellence in both the arts and the artists through faith, fitness, and financial development. City College is proud to offer the first Stickney Theatre Arts Program in Harlem, New York.


"The Stickneys created an inspiring class which really helped me set off in the right direction. I loved the energy and safety of the room to work and grow. Thank you."
-Matthew B.


"The Comedy/Improv class gave me the extra skills and confidence needed to propel my career. I could not have done it without them."


The Art of Being…In the Moment- An Introduction To Acting
Truthful, is what an actor must be. A simple truth that only real or old school actors will attest to. The Stickney Theatre Arts Project creates a safe environment focused on process and development of skills without performance pressure.