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William Anthony “Tony” Rogers

Continuing and Professional Studies

William Anthony “Tony” Rogers

William Anthony “Tony” Rogers

William Anthony “Tony” RogersWilliam Anthony Rogers (“Tony” to most of his friends and business associates) is the president of TRC Enterprises, a strategic management company influenced by Taoist classics such as The Art of War by Sun Tzu and Tao of Organization: In the early 1970s, Rogers began his community development work as a member of the Harlem branch of the Black Panther Party. He later became a counselor in the Harlem 42, a New York City youth program structured to develop organizing and leadership skills in youths. One member of the group was a young man named Al Sharpton. While studying philosophy and pre-law at City College of New York, Tony Rogers were recruited by attorney Hope R. Stevens, the first Black president of the then-Uptown Chamber of Commerce (UCC). Williams and Rogers became vice president and program director of the UCC, respectively. Encouraged by the Honorable Percy E. Sutton, Harlem Day was created by UCC in 1974 to spearhead Revitalization efforts in the greater Harlem area.

Rogers has also served for over 23 years as Urban Policy Advisor at the City College of New York. In his capacity as the Director of Urban and Governmental Affairs, Rogers has served as Urban Policy Advisor to five City College Presidents. In this role, Rogers worked to designate Harlem as one of the first ten cities and neighborhoods to receive funds under the Federal Empowerment Zone program. Rogers was also instrumental in developing the City College Adult and Continuing Education Program, the Harlem Business Partnership and the Technology Training Center. He also helped revitalize City College radio station WHCR 90.3 FM and its website, Having trained in the martial arts for over thirty years, Tony Rogers has a six degree black belt in Goju Karate and is a senior member of the Harlem Goju Karate Association. Rogers also trained in the mountains of Korea to be the first African American master in the ancient Taoist Ki Energy stress management system ”Jungshim.” Rogers is a member of the Central Park Dance Skating Association and has over 30 years’ experience as a dance skater.

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