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Medical Education & Academic Affairs Office Staff

CUNY School of Medicine

Medical Education & Academic Affairs Office Staff

Erica Friedman, M.D.

Deputy Dean/Medical Professor

Office: H-301-E
Phone: (212) 650-7699      

Nicole Roberts, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean, Medical Education/Faculty Development

Office: H-301-F
Phone: (212) 650-6831

Serafin Piñol-Roma, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean for Basic Science Curriculum

Office: H-203-F
Phone: (212) 650-6782

Samantha Barrick, M.S.

Director of Humanities in Medicine

Office: H-301-G
Phone: (212) 650-6629

Rosa Lee, M.D.

Associate Dean For Clinical Curriculum and Assessment

Office: H-310-E
Phone: (212) 650-5462

Lisanne ( Connie) Hauck, M.D.

Course Director for the Practice of Medicine

Office: MR-718
Phone: (212) 650-6947

Lisa Auerbach, M.D.

Course Director: Organ System & introduction to Clinical Medicine 

Office: H-310-C
Phone: (212)650-7789

Gina Allegretti, M.D.

Co-Course Director of Organ System

Office: MR-735
Phone: (212) 650-6649

Jodie Meyer, M.D.

Executive Director of Admissions, Wellness and Counseling 

Office: H-101
Phone:(212) 650-8985

Ernest Patti M.D.

Course Director: POM & Physical Diagnosis

Phone: (212)650-7101

Holly G. Atkinson, M.D.

Distinguished Medical Lecturer and Medical Student Advisor

Office: H-113-C

Phone: (212) 650-7084

Darwin Deen, M.D.

Medical Professor 

Office: H-301-H
Phone: (212)650-7784 

Vanessa Jennings, M.P.A.

Director/Academic Affairs

Office: H-301
Phone: (212) 650-7699

Michelle Abreu

Assistant Course Director/ Medical Professor 

Office: H-301-3
Phone: (212) 650-6579

Karen Adamo-Henry, M.S.Ed.

Course Coordinator

Office: H-301-5
Phone: (212) 650-7783

Grisel Abreu

Course Coordinator

Office: H-301-1
Phone: (212) 650-6803

Ana Guerrero

Course Coordinator & CUNY Administrative Assistant

Office: H-301-C
Phone: (212) 650-8377

Beverley March

Assistant to the Assistant Dean

Office: H-301-2
Phone: (212) 650-7209

Charlotte Martin, Ph.D.

Academic Student Support Manager

Office: H-301
Phone: (212) 650-7237

Irene Cordrey

Course Coordinator

Office: H-301-1
Phone: (212) 650-6786

Alicia Smith

Assistant to the Deputy Dean

Office: H-301-8
Phone: (212) 650-6124




Ana Motta-Moss, Ph.D.

Director of Evaluation and Research/Adjunct Medical Professor


Office: H-301-B
Phone: (212) 650-7698

Ronald Silvis

Curriculum Mapping Specialist


Office: H-301-7
Phone: (212) 650-7752

Miesha Etheridge

Assessment and Evaluation Specialist


Office: H-301-4
Phone: (212) 650-6814

Nataly Diaz

Research Assistant


Office: H-301-4
Phone: (212) 650-8568



Maria E. Jimenez, B.B.A.

Director of Academic Records                                             

Office: H-102

Phone: (212) 650-7160/7156

Amy Encarnacion

CUNY Office Assistant

Office: H-102

Phone: (212) 650-7160/ 7156

Linda James

CUNY Office Assistant

Office: H-102

Phone: (212) 650-7160/ 8291


Financial Aid

Michelle E. Bolton                                            

Director of Financial Aid

Office: H-01

Phone: (212) 650-7804




 Omer Kabir

Academic Technology Manager & Director of Course Administration      

Office: H-301-8

Phone: (212) 650-8407

Sadman Khan

Course Support   

Office: H-01

Phone: (212) 650-8526

Izba Tahir

Course Support

Office: H-01

Phone: (212) 650-6578