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Admissions Office Staff

CUNY School of Medicine

Admissions Office Staff



Christopher Wanyonyi

Director of Admissions

Office: H-101 B
Phone: (212) 650-7711







Bouchra Benchrifa 

CUNY Office Assistant

Office: H-101
Phone: (212) 650-7704

Jerrold Erves, M.A.

Associate Director

Office: H-101 C
Phone: (212) 650-7706








Jodie Meyer

Executive Director of Admissions, Wellness and Counseling

Office: H-101
Phone: (212) 650-8985







CUNY Office Assistant

Office: H-101
Phone: (212) 650-7718/7712


Geniece Pacifici-Elejalde, B.S.

Executive Office Manager/Assistant to Director

Office: H-101 D
Phone: (212) 650-7790







Leonie Peele, B.A.

Assistant Director

Office: H-101 G
Phone: (212) 650-6179