The B.S./M.D. 7-year program is designed as an integrated curriculum in medical studies. During the first three-years of the program, students fulfill all requirements for the B.S. degree. After successfully completing the three-year sequence, students may be admitted into the CUNY School of Medicine to complete four-years of the MD degree. The Bachelor of Science degree and the MD degree will be conferred by The City College Of New York.
There is a continuing shortage of primary care physicians in our nation, creating an urgent need for more family practitioners, general internists, pediatricians, and obstetrician/gynecologists in many communities. The shortage of African-American and Hispanic primary care physicians and of primary care physicians in inner city areas is particularly acute.

The B.S./M.D. Program of the Sophie Davis Biomedical Education Program/CUNY School of Medicine is committed to:

  1. Produce broadly educated, highly skilled physicians who are prepared to undertake postgraduate training.
  2. Increase the number of physicians of African-American, Hispanic and other ethnic backgrounds who have been historically under-represented in the medical profession and whose communities have been historically underserved by primary care practitioners.
  3. Encourage students to become primary care physicians who will:
  •  Provide superior preventive and therapeutic medical care to underserved urban communities.
  •  Plan for effective, comprehensive health care services in cooperation with community leaders, residents, and providers of health-related services.
  •  Serve as health care advocates for individuals and families living in the communities in which they practice.


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