CSOM Alum, Dr. Seema Khaneja Discusses the Inner Journey of Healing In Her New Book


Seema Khaneja, MD

Physician, Heal Thyself is a groundbreaking exploration of the bridge between Western medicine and spirituality from the perspective of a traditionally trained medical doctor. Drawing from her personal and clinical experiences along with scientific research, Dr. Seema Khaneja provides a clear explanation of the basic principles of A Course in Miracles, long regarded a classic among modern spiritual teachings. In doing so, she offers the reader simple, expansive, and effective tools for healing.

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About Dr. Khaneja:
Ever since Seema was a young medical student, she felt a deep call for healing that she intuitively knew could not be answered within the confines of medical school. A profound mystical experience in the caves of northern India ignited her spiritual odyssey into the heart of healing. After graduating from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in NYC and completing her pediatric residency at NY Hospital-Cornell Medical Center, Seema created an integrative medical practice to offer different complementary healing modalities, including homeopathy, Ayurvedic nutrition, mind-body medicine, yoga, and meditation. During this time, she developed chronic pain that coincided with her desire to go deeper with the teachings of A Course in Miracles. After her healing and recovery, Seema developed Coaching for Inner Peace – a simple, elegant, inclusive, and expansive approach to healing that she shares in her very first book.