The CUNY School of Medicine Anatomical Donor Program

Becoming a Donor

Thank you for your interest in making a Life Learning gift to the Anatomical Donor Program at the CUNY School of Medicine. With the generous decision of individuals who donate their bodies to this institution for medical education, we will be able to enrich our student doctors who are enrolled in our BS/MD program. By giving our students this best anatomical gift of knowledge, you will be shaping the progression in the development of medicine -  both in its education and research - and ensuring better health care for current and future generations.   

We greatly appreciate your precious gift of knowledge, as well as your wishes for the advancement of medical education that will be carried out here are the CUNY School of Medicine.  


Kiran Matthews MD,

Director of Anatomical Donor Program
CUNY School of Medicine


Program Instructions: 

The following information lists the process of applying to the donor program, and the subsequent steps that the CUNY School of Medicine will perform. 

1) Required Information: Complete the nessecary paperwork linked below, and submit it to the following address: 

Dr. Kiran Matthews
160 Convent Avenue 138th St. 
Harris Hall, H-205-F
New York, NY 10031

Additionally, be sure to leave a copy of both donor forms with a relative, friend, or legal representative, as well as completing a donor card with accurate contact information readily available at all times. 

2) Contact CSOM: At the time of death, the donors representative should call the Cuny School of Medicine to confirm acceptance of the body to the program at (212) 650-6877 or (212) 650-6962.

*Please note that the embalming process must begin within 36 hours of death before a donation must be denied. 

3) Programs’s Donation Approval Policy:

The following conditions will prevent the program from accepting a donation

  • An autopsy has been performed
  • Embalming has been done by a funeral home
  • Recent extensive surgery was performed before death
  • Death was caused by certain infectious disease, in particular AIDS, Infectious Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease, or Advanced Cancer
  • Postmortem organ donation, except for cornea donation
  • Extreme trauma or mutilation
  • Severe burn with extensive tissue damage
  • Amputation or an excessive fetal position condition
  • Extreme obesity or emaciation
  • Decomposition
  • Gangrene or Jaundice 
  • Other conditions at the discretion of the Donor Program. 

*Remember, it is wise to have an alternate plan in the event we are unable to accept the donation at the time of your death. 

4) Retrieval: Upon acceptance of the donor to the program, CSOM will make arrangements for retrieval of the of the body. If the death occured within the Greater New York City area, 
this process will be carried out at no expense to the family or estate of the donor.

*In the event that the donation can not be accepted, CSOM will unfortunately be unable to make any
financial contributions to the donor's private burial or cremation arangements.

5) Study: The study of the body will take place between 1 and 3 years. Upon completion of the anatomical study, CSOM will contact the individual(s) listed on the donor form in order 
to confirm the accuracy of of the donor's final disposition instructions. 

*Please note that CSOM does not release pathology reports of the study to the donor's estate.

6) Disposition: After we recieve confirmation from the listed contact, CSOM will proceed with fufilling the donor's final disposition request as follows: 

  • The body can be respectfully cremated by the CUNY School of Medicine at no expense to the donor's estate, with the ashes returned to the location listed on the Affidavit. 
  • The body can be respectfully cremated by the CUNY School of Medicine at no expense to the donor's estate, with the ashes scattered at the program's discretion. 
  • The body can be returned without cremation to a liscenced funeral director at the expense of the donor's estate.

*In the event that the contact designated on the Affidavit cannot be reached, or no specific request for the
disposition of the donor's ashes is made, the ashes will be scattered at the discretion of CSOM six months
after the cremation process has occured. 


Donation Forms: 

If you would like to make a whole body donation, kindly fill out the donor forms attached below. We greatly appreciate your precious gift of knowledge and the advancement it will bring to the medical education carried out in the CUNY School of Medicine. 


Vital Statistics

Contact Information

If you have questions as to whether or not your donation will be accepted, or are looking for more information about the program, please contact us.

Kiran Matthews
Program Director 

Phone: (212)-650-6877

Darryl Warner
Anatomy Deiner

Phone: 212-650-6962
E-Mail:  Warn%65%72@med.cuny .%65du" rel="nofollow">

Roberto Rodriguez 




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