The CUNY School of Medicine faculty continues to bring in research funding to the University.

Dr. John Martin
John Martin, Ph.D

CUNY School of Medicine Medical Professor John Martin, Ph.D. recently awarded $1.7 million from the National Institute of Neurological Disorder and Stroke. The project, entitled “Lesion and activity dependent corticospinal tract plasticity” funding for this R01 grant will be funded for five years.

Dr. Martin  research program is to learn how new corticospinal motor circuits, either those forming during normal development or as a consequence of brain stimulation after injury, become connected into the motor systems. The overall clinical goal of Dr. Martin Laboratory is to translate what movement at the neural circuit level to devise novel biological approaches for rehabilitation. In a previous investigation, Professor Martin’s lab discovered an important basic mechanism that determines development of the connections for movement: more active nerve cells are able to make more connections and stronger connections between the brain and the spinal cord.