Dean's Initiative

Diversity & Inclusion

The CUNY School of Medicine’s mission is to provide access to medical education to talented youth from social, ethnic and racial backgrounds historically underrepresented in medicine and to develop physicians and physician assistants committed to practicing in underserved communities with a special emphasis on primary care.

To ensure the CUNY School of Medicine has an environment that celebrates diversity and is inclusive and welcoming to all who enter its doors, the following proactive approach is being taken to nurture and protect the dignity and worth we attribute to individuals we interact with each day:


  • Survey all faculty, staff and students on culture and climate on a regular basis and designate a committee to review, track, and report results with implementable recommendations for improvement.
  • Identify and train liaisons who will serve as a channels for students and faculty/staff to contact the administration in a timely manner in order to address any concerns.
  • Establish a professionalism code that outlines clear expectations of conduct and engagement of all CSOM community members with each other and identify consequences for violations to the code.
  • Explore the creation of a Bias and Education Support Team.
  • Commission an independent assessment of CSOM’s structure, policies, procedures, etc., as it relates to our mission of diversity and inclusion.
  • Create a timely, transparent and effective communication strategy for the dissemination of information to the CSOM community on matters of institutional racial, bias and hate incidents.
  • Increase the Dean’s engagement with students, faculty, and staff.
  • Review all pertinent school (CUNY and CCNY) student and employee codes of conduct and social media policies to ensure that they reference professional behavior where appropriate.


  • Review curricula and identify what and where to add relevant content to instill and promote respect, cultural awareness and sensitivity, and professional behavior among students.
  • Institute program evaluations on performance outcomes and test our success in developing and graduating underrepresented in medicine student groups for competitive residency programs, future faculty positions and other healthcare leadership career opportunities.

Faculty/Staff/Student Development:

  • Institute cultural sensitivity, implicit bias and micro-aggression awareness training for all leadership, faculty and staff.
  • Implement a program for ongoing awareness training for faculty, administration and students based on climate survey results.
  • Improve faculty diversity by enhancing training for search committees to perform holistic reviews on both junior and senior faculty searches; recruitment from historically underrepresented groups; engagement of alumni to serve as faculty; outreach to minority national health associations to identify potential faculty and senior leaders, and use of other resources, strategies and best practices to assist in this effort.
  • Identify sustained funding and resources for the development and implementation of student-centered programs and initiatives across the preclinical and clinical years.

These objectives were based on input from students, faculty and staff, and an independent panel of experts in cultural sensitivity and diversity in the academic world.  Progress of these objectives are being measured, tracked and reported regularly to the CSOM Community.

Daily vigilance is necessary to create an environment in which individuals feel valued and are treated with dignity and respect.  Each of us are empowered to contribute to protecting our climate and culture, one that embodies our mission.  



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