Department of Pathobiology

The Department of Pathobiology focuses on several areas of teaching and research that include cell biology, biochemistry, anatomy, histology, microbiology, immunology, infectious diseases, and pathology.  It has the responsibility of teaching these basic science and clinical disciplines to medical students and physician assistant students. 

Our courses are taught in a manner that emphasizes active learning and begin with the teaching of basic sciences with an emphasis on clinical relevance. They start with Molecules to Cells (cell biology and biochemistry), a two semester course taught in the spring semester of the second year and fall of the third year, followed by Gross Anatomy-Embryology-Organ Imaging and then Histology. The Gross Anatomy and Histology courses offer an intensive lecture-laboratory experience enabling students to acquire disciplined training within the framework of modern medical education. Gross Anatomy emphasizes dissection and integration of clinical imaging material using a state-of the art human anatomy lab. In the Spring semester of the fourth year, the Department teaches the basic science concepts and clinical relevance of immunology and microbiology, in a course entitled Host Defense, Infection and Pathogenesis with a clinical focus on infectious disease and general pathology. Our teaching concludes with Systemic Pathology for students in their fifth year; during this course, preparation for Step 1 Board exams is also stressed.  In addition to the teaching of medical students, the Department assists in the Physician's Assistant Program by teaching Gross Anatomy, Microbiology and Immunology. 

Research laboratories are located in the Marshak Science building. Medical students are encouraged to conduct independent study projects as an elective option by taking advantage of ongoing research opportunities in our laboratories. Our Departmental faculty are engaged in research investigations in the broad areas of: (1) Immunology and Autoimmunity, (2) Infectious Disease, (3) Regenerative Medicine (wound healing), (4) Experimental Pathology. Publications by our faculty can be found in our website under Research as well as at PubMed.