Molecular and Cell Biology

Khosrow Kashfi, Ph.D., FRSC

Associate Medical Professor/Chemistry Program Director                          

Professor Khosrow Kashfi does research on the

biology of colon and pancreatic cancers and their chemo prevention.                                                                                                                                           

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Jun Yoshiaka, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Dr. Yoshioka’ career has been dedicated to understanding

disorders of cardiac function with the goal of developing novel

therapies based upon fundamental insights into cellular and

physiological mechanisms. 

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Michelle Juarez, Ph.D. 

Assistant Medical Professor

Dr. Michelle Juarez does research on wound repair within

the context of development and innate immunity using Drosophila genetics.

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John H. Martin, Ph.D. 

Medical Professor

Dr. Martin conducts research on the connections between the cerebral cortex
and spinal cord that control movements and specializes in the repair of
damaged motor systems. 

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Sanna Goyert, Ph.D.

Medical Professor/Chair 

Dr. Sanna M.Goyert's research led to the identification of a human genome known

as CD14 which plays a prominant role in Septic Shock, and holds two major patents

associated with her work on innate immunity. 

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Linda Spatz, Ph.D.

Associate Medical Professor 

Dr. Linda Spatz conducts research on genetic and environmental factors that contribute

to the development of Lupus, and is currently researching the generation of neutralizing

antibodies as a vaccine for the ZIKA virus.    

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Paul Gottlieb, Ph.D.

Associate Medical Professor

Dr. Gottlieb does research on the Epstein Barr Virus, as well as the assembly & replicative

mechanisms of a model reorvirus linked with infant gastroenteritis.

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Andreas Kottmann, Ph.D.

Associate Medical Professor

Dr. Kottmann's research aims to understand the regulation of competitive processes

that on one side lead to the structural and functional stability of the central nervous

system throughout life.

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Itzhak Mano, Ph.D.

Assistant Medical Professor 

Assistant Medical Professor Itzhak Mano conducts research on the effects of neurotransmitters

like Glutamine on neurodegenerative conditions like stroke, ALS, and Lou Gehrig's disease. 



Geri Kreitzer, Ph.D. 

Associate Medical Professor

Doctor Kreitzer is an Associate Medical Professor of Molecular, Cellular and Biomedical

Sciences whose research includes the regulation of nuclear receptor function by kinesin in breast cancer.

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