Federal Finance Options

Federal Direct Student Loans are unsubsidized at the graduate/professional level. The federal Direct unsubsidized loans are available regardless of financial need. Interest is charged to the student while the student is in school. Students may borrow up to the applicable maximum for each "academic year". An academic year at the CUNY School of Medicine is Summer, Fall and Spring.  To maintain financial aid eligible, you must maintain half-time enrollment (5 credits) per a semester.

Physician Assistant Graduate Program

Unsubsidized: $20,500 per an academic year

Medical Program

Unsubsidized: $40,500 to $47,166.per an academic year

*The amount offered differs each academic year.

Grad PLUS: Maximum = The CUNY "cost of attendance" less all other financial aid.

Graduate students should apply for a Unsubsidized student loan before filing a "Grad PLUS" loan. For more information go to: Federal Grad PLUS Loans.


All first time borrowers must also fulfill the Direct Loan Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note requirement , click here https://studentaid.gov/


2021-2022 Interest rate:


Direct Unsubsidized loan              5.28% fixed

Direct Graduate PLUS loan           6.28% fixed


*Interest rates changes July 1st of every calendar year.


Current Origination Fees:


Direct Unsubsidized loan              1.057%

Direct Graduate PLUS Loan          4.228%


*Origination fees change October 1st of every calendar year.



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