Financial Literacy

Credit and Debt Management Websites


General credit information - Check your credit - identity protection.


Ordering a credit report Restoring credit card fraud - protection tips.


General credit information Credit repair Credit refusal.

College Money Habits

College Money Habits was created as a platform to educate students on financial literacy and its core components.


Federal Trade Commission          

Consumer education on credit reporting, repairs and debt relief.


Sponsored by CNBC to provide credit card, investing, tax-money management tools and on-line calculators.


Credit scoring, ways to improve your FICO score and information about identity theft prevention.


Student Budget Worksheet


Budget Basics

This worksheet will assist you in getting your monthly expenses in order so you can maintain an accurate budget during the academic year.


Borrowing 101                                                       

This will educate you on how to understand credit and the dos and don’ts to a healthy financial future.


If you are only making the minimum monthly payment on your credit card, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice. Instead, step back, breathe deeply, and take the necessary steps to get your credit card debt under control.

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