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What is this?

Open to all enrolled medical students, these services are available in four formats – individualized, class and large group, and small-group. Tutoring is provided by select medical students (peer tutors) in all years U1-M4. This suite of services has the overarching goal to assist you through the entirety of a course. All services offered are free of charge.

What should I expect?

  •  Individual Tutoring – targets a student’s specific needs and areas of concern.
  •  Whole-class Reviews – offered just prior to major examinations within a course to test the students’ knowledge and retention of material. Content varies from question- to content-based.
  •  Small Group Tutoring
    • Option 1. Practice questions – for students interested in assessing their reasoning skills and for those that prefer learning by doing practice questions.
    • Option 2. Reinforce knowledge and understanding of concepts – for students seeking to master and reinforce high yield material/concepts. Also incorporates some questions to test retention and understanding of presented concepts.
  • Enhancing Test-Taking Skills – offered for those seeking to boost their test scores. Specially-trained tutors guide group sessions on their strategies to attack test questions, tips and trick of the test, how to avoid the traps and distractors as well as how to maximize use of the practice questions students already do.

When should I use this service?

If you are having difficulty understanding content material

If you are doing well but want to do better

If you have failed an exam or a course

If the percentage correct on a question bank is very low and not improving

If your professor suggested it

If you are struggling wrapping your mind around a specific concept

*We recommend you take advantage of tutoring assistance at the earliest indication of academic difficulty within a course.

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