Course number:  MED 10200

Course Title: Principles of General Chemistry

Semester: Spring 1st Year / 5 Credits

Course Director: Khosrow Kashfi, Ph.D.

Course Description: This is an intermediate course, which includes most of the topics covered in a traditional pre-med General Chemistry course, but delves more deeply into concepts and principles that will appear in the student's medical career. These involve acid-base behavior, some aspects of thermodynamics, and selected properties of liquids, gases and solutions, among others. Most of the principles and concepts taught are applied to biological systems. Mathematical techniques needed to understand the principles of chemistry are integrated into the course, and elementary physics concepts are reviewed.


Course number: PHYS 20400

Course Title: General Physics II

Semester: Spring 1st Year / 4 Credits

Course Director: TBA

Course Description: For majors in the life sciences (biology, medicine, dentistry, psychology, physical therapy) and for liberal arts students. Fundamental ideas and laws of physics from mechanics to modern physics. Included are Newton's laws of motion, electricity and magnetism, heat, optics, relativity, quantum mechanics and nuclear physics. Emphasis is on the basic principles and general laws. Use of mathematics is restricted to elementary algebra and some trigonometry. PHYS 20300 is prereq., for PHYS 20400 (required for Premed., Predent., Bio-Med., and all Life Science students).


Course number:  USSO 10100

Course Title: The Development of the United States and its people

Semester: Spring 1st Year / 3 Credits

Course Director: TBA

Course Description: An examination of the civilizations of Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas through a comparative study of selected places and themes. The dynamics of hunter/gatherer, pastoral and agrarian societies, urbanization, trade, imperialism, slavery, feudalism, the centralization of the state, religion and secular thought are among the topics discussed.



Course number: ENGL 21003

Course Title: Writing for the Sciences

Semester: Spring 1st Year / 3 Credits

Course Director: TBA

Course Description: Please check the Course Bulletin.



Course number: MED 11209

Course Title: Sociomedical Sciences

Semester: Spring 1st Year / 3 Credits

Course Director: Samantha Barrick

Course Description: This course is the first Population Health course. Its initial goal is to explore population health and its importance for medicine as it provides students with opportunities to understand health and disease beyond the narrowly defined biomedical realm. Both historical and current perspectives will be presented. Simultaneously, students will engage in the practice of self-reflection using the techniques of Narrative Medicine to become increasingly aware of the lens they bring to bear on this study of individual and public health. Students will attend lectures and engage in exercises that increase their knowledge of social determinants of disease and health outcomes as well as diverse ways in which different populations explain those experiences of health.  Students will study theoretical and applied work from the fields of sociology, anthropology, and psychology to understand the indices of class, communities, social mobility, and culture. Intervention approaches will focus on structural interventions and community and political action. Finally students will put all of this together by exploring the relationship between socio-economics, culture and health by gathering individual stories of illness that reflect these greater social determinants, and reflecting upon the experience of witnessing all these narratives in broad and narrow perspectives at once.