LRC - Tutoring Service

Help from a tutor can get you through a tough class, or enhance your performance in a particular course. The Learning Resource Center offers tutoring services for biomedical students who want that extra edge, or students who need additional help.  The following outlines the steps you will need to take to find a tutor who is right for you.

How to Apply

  • ·       Tutoring is available to all CUNY Medical students, and assignments are made based on students' requests, and the availability of tutors.
  • ·       Tutoring sessions are conducted in small study groups and meet weekly.
  • ·       To obtain a tutor, you must complete a tutor request form, and submit it to the Learning Resource Center in Harris Hall, Suite 114

Tutor Assignments

Every attempt is made to assign tutees as quickly as possible.  However, you should allow a minimum of two weeks before inquiring about the status of your request(s).  In some cases, if a tutor is available, assignments are made within one week.  Assignments are sent to your CUNY email address.