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Office of Student Affairs Staff

CUNY School of Medicine

Office of Student Affairs Staff


Dani McBeth, P.h.D

Associate Medical Professor/Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Office: H-113 D
Phone: (212) 650-8484

Holly G. Atkinson, M.D., FACP
Medical Student Advisor/Distinguished Medical Lecturer 

Office: H-113 C
Phone: (212) 650- 7084







Clinical Professor/ Medical Student Advisor 
Office: H-113 F
Phone: (212)-650-5267

Robert T. McDonald, Ed.M.
Director of Housing & Student Activities 

Office: H-113 A
Phone: (212) 650-7723







Director Of Support Programs 
Office: H-113 E
Phone: (212) 650-7303







College Office Assistant, Level 4
Office: H-113 B
Phone: (212) 650-5262







Office Administrative Assistant, Level 3
Office: H-113
Phone: (212) 650-8485

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