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Patient Care

CUNY School of Medicine

Patient Care

Patient Care 

1.1. Obtain an accurate and thorough patient-centered medical history from patients, families, other health care providers, and electronic health records, including through a medical translator

1.2. Perform an accurate and thorough physical examination of a patient as part of both a complete and/or a focused examination while maintaining patient’s emotional and physical comfort.

1.3. Identify appropriate diagnostic tests and procedures, and correctly interpret their results for a range of acute and chronic medical problems.

1.4 Demonstrate the use of sound clinical reasoning and current scientific evidence to formulate a differential diagnosis and treatment plan.

1.5. Perform common procedures safely and correctly while attending to patient comfort, including participating in obtaining informed consent.

1.6. Construct appropriate preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic, and palliative management strategies for patients incorporating their cultural needs other relevant individual characteristics such as genetics, age, and social determinants of health.

1.7. Recognize patients with critical or life-threatening conditions and initiate appropriate therapy.

1.8. Collaborate with patients, families and healthcare professionals in a multidisciplinary approach to implement optimal and comprehensive patient care strategies