Sophie Davis Pre-Matriculation Program

Each year the Learning Resource Center (LRC) hosts a Pre-Matriculation Program for all incoming freshmen. This unique program offers students an opportunity to participate in a meaningful and exciting learning experience that prepares them academically for their first year in college and the rigor of the Biomedical curriculum. The program is geared toward enhancing students' academic and college readiness skills. The program runs Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM. Some of the activities of the Pre-Matriculation program include:

  • Basic Orientation to the CUNY School of Medicine Curriculum
  • Problem Based Learning Modules
  • Mastery Learning Seminars
  • Faculty Profile Meet & Greet Sessions
  • Recreational and Cultural Events
  • Field Days

The CUNY School of Medicine Pre-Matriculation Program is a free, non credit program, for all incoming CUNY Medical freshmen.