Preparing for a Tutoring Session

Preparing for tutoring sessions requires some work on the part of the student as well as the tutor.

Prepare to get the most out of your session by following these tips:

  • Know what you want to cover. Bring pertinent texts, notes, assignments and--most of all--your questions. The more specific your purpose, the more on target a tutor can be. Email your tutor ahead of time topics you’d like to discuss, if applicable.
  •  Attend all class sessions, whether live or on-demand. Your notes from class are the best resource on course content and determining exactly how your instructor is prioritizing the information.
  • Try doing some practice questions before you meet with your tutor, even if it’s as few as 5. This will help you identify the specific areas you need help with and will prime your mind for learning.
  • Be ready to make mistakes and receive feedback. After all, this is how the brain learns! Your tutor sessions are a safe space to learn more about concepts you are struggling with. It is a judgment-free zone.
  •  At the end of the session, be ready to summarize what you and your tutor covered as well as set your goals for the next session.
  • Schedule your next appointment at the end of each session, if applicable. Regular review is the key to understanding course information.

Source: Miami of Ohio Tutoring and Learning Center

Last Updated: 07/14/2020 16:24