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Support the Sophie Davis Biomedical Program/CUNY School of Medicine

Support the 40th Anniversary Biomed Endowed Fund

Members of the Sophie Davis Biomedical class of 1977, the first graduating class, have established an endowed scholarship, The 40th Anniversary Biomed Endowed Fund, to help defray the cost of medical school for CUNY School of Medicine Students. The interest generated will be used for student scholarships. Class members believe the fund can grow to a substantial amount and distributed scholarships can affect students’ lives significantly. They ask for support to reach this goal. You may contribute to the 40th Anniversary Fund by clicking here.

Volunteer at the CUNY School of Medicine

Volunteers are needed to participate with students in the BS, MD and PA programs. There are opportunities for participation in classroom, offsite, and student extracurricular settings. If you are interested in becoming involved in this way, please contact Clifford L. Wasser at

Make a gift for the unrestricted support for the CUNY School of Medicine

The Sophie Davis Biomedical Education Fund provides general support for our programs. The Fund provides flexible, unrestricted capital that allows us to invest in School priorities, ensuring we remain competitive and responsive to new demands.  Click here to contribute to the Sophie Davis Biomedical Education Fund. 

Make a Gift for Support of Undergraduate and Graduate Medical Students

The Sophie Davis Scholarship Fund provides funding for student tuition and enrollment needs, including for test and certification preparation. Click here to contribute to the Sophie Davis Scholarship Fund. 

The Physician Assistant Program 

Contributions to the Physician Assistant Program will support our work to prepare students to practice primary care in communities of greatest need by underwriting the cost of supplies and in-class materials. Charitable gifts will also help support students’ clinical training and their required clerkships. Click here to contribute to the Physician Assistant Program. 

Mentor a Medical or a Physician Assistant Student

Our students benefit enormously from interactions with alumni in their practices. 

If you would like to mentor a student or allow them to shadow you in your work for a day, please contact Clifford L. Wasser at

Research Opportunities

Many alumni in practices have accumulated years, if not decades, of data on significant medical conditions and issues for their patients.  A few of them have conceived of research based on that data and recruited CUNY School of Medicine students to help compile it for presentation and/or publication. If you want to develop a research project and enlist a CSOM student, please contact Clifford L. Wasser at

Planned Giving

Planned and deferred giving can support both the immediate and future success of CSOM, helping to leave a lasting legacy of excellence in medical education. The CUNY School of Medicine benefits from planned gifts such as:

  • Charitable gift annuities
  • Gifts or life insurance
  • Residual beneficiary designation on retirement plans
  • Bequests
  • Real estate
  • Privately held business interests

Planned giving allows donors to structure generous support for CSOM while considering their long-term personal, family, and financial needs. Please contact Clifford L. Wasser at for more information

Named Scholarships

Providing opportunities for qualified students from underrepresented populations is central to the Sophie Davis Biomedical Education mission.  Scholarships at the undergraduate and graduate (including PA) levels help CSOM remain competitive and accessible to highly qualified students of all backgrounds. This valuable support can recognize merit and can alleviate reliance on loans, making a medical education possible for students regardless of their financial situation. Scholarships may be set up as endowments for use in perpetuity or awarded immediately for current assistance to students.

For more information about Planned Giving or Named Scholarships, please contact Clifford L. Wasser at Stay connected with all things CSOM by subscribing to Sophie's Corner, the new CSOM newsletter. 

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