Course number: MED 30500

Course Title: Molecules to Cells II

Semester: Spring 3rd Year /4 Credits

Course Director: Patricia Cortes

Course Description: This two-semester course (MED 20400 and MED 30500) is designed to provide students with comprehensive and integrated concepts of biochemistry, cell biology, and medical genetics within a clinically oriented framework. Topics are presented with the aim that students will become aware of the contribution of cell and molecular biology and genetics to future developments in clinical diagnosis and treatment. Students are expected to acquire the necessary skills to integrate microscopic structure and cellular function, a prerequisite for other disciplines such as Human Development, Medical Histology, Physiology, Immunology, Pathophysiology, and other related areas. Session include lectures, small group discussions, and clinical correlations.


Course number:  Elective

Course Title:




Course Director:

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Course number: MED 32509

Course Title: US Healthcare Systems & Policy

Semester: Spring 3rd Year /3 Credits

Course Director: Tashuna Albritton

Course Description: This course is the fifth Population Health course.  Its goal is to continue exploring population health and its importance for medicine, building from prior theory and practice courses and methods courses. The focus of this course is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to critically examine how the U.S. health care system and policy-making apparatus influence health in the U.S.  In lectures and small groups, students study the structure of the health system and medical insurance, and the roles of public health, primary care, and medicine in influencing health. How social factors influence the access, cost and quality of healthcare are discussed, with particular emphasis on their relevance to underserved, low income, and minority populations.  In concert with skills acquired in other population health courses, students completing this course will emerge with a basic understanding of approaches and resources for health services research.


Course number:  MED 30000

Course Title: Introduction to Biomedical Ethics

Semester: Spring 3rd Year /3 Credits

Course Director: Katherine Mendez

Course Description: This introductory course will expose Medical students to biomedical ethics, and introduce applicable philosophical principles and methods.  These foundations will be applied to analyze and clarify ethical problems that arise in relation to the practice of Medicine, and will provide the basis for the continued application of fundamental concepts, theories and methods of Biomedical Ethics in subsequent courses in Practice of Medicine, Population Health, Organ Systems, and Clerkship Rotations. 


Course number: MED 39509

Course Title: Practice of Medicine 2 (POM2)

Semester: Spring 3rd Year /4 Credits

Course Director: Darwin Deen

Course Description: The course is a longitudinal clinical experience in primary care that will teach the skills of fostering behavior change in patients. Using a health coaching model, students will develop the skills needed to help patients change behavior and practice those skills on actual patients at community health centers. Students will partner with the patient’s primary care physician in the care of the patient. Each student will work with an individual patient and be responsible for developing and maintaining a coaching relationship over the course of a semester. The course will also include foundational components of the medical interview and physical examination.