Course number: MED 33609

Course Title: Clinical Anatomy

Semester: Spring 3rd Year / 5 Credits

Course Director: 

Course Description: The objective of the integrated Human Gross Anatomy and Human Development course is to provide students with hand on experience in the study of the structure and function of the human body, an understanding of relevant aspects of human development and its abnormalities, and the value of imaging techniques in the visualization of the human body. Structure at the macroscopic level is explored through lectures in gross anatomy and embryology coupled with detailed regional dissections. Students are expected to examine anatomic relationships leading to an integration of anatomic function and embryo-fetal development under normal and pathologic conditions


Course number: MED 37609

Course Title: Fundamentals of Organ Systems

Semester: Spring 3rd Year / 15 Credits

Course Director:Linda Spatz

Course Description: This course explores essential principles of the structure and function of human tissues and organs in normal and disease states, including infectious diseases and mechanisms of host defense, with an integration of the corresponding physiology, pharmacology, and pathology.  The course uses a problem-solving approach to emphasize the relevance of these topics to the clinical setting, and provides the foundation for subsequent in-depth study of each of the major human organ systems.         


Course number: MED 39609

Course Title: Practice of Medicine 2 (POM2)

Semester: Spring 3rd Year / 2 Credits

Course Director: Darwin Deen

Course Description: The course is a longitudinal clinical experience in primary care that will teach the skills of fostering behavior change in patients. Using a health coaching model, students will develop the skills needed to help patients change behavior and practice those skills on actual patients at community health centers. Students will partner with the patient’s primary care physician in the care of the patient. Each student will work with an individual patient and be responsible for developing and maintaining a coaching relationship over the course of a semester. The course will also include foundational components of the medical interview and physical examination.