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Calendar of Events

Division of Interdisciplinary Studies at the Center for Worker Education

Calendar of Events

Human Rights Lecture* Digital Media and Human Rights:
What Capacity for Social Change Should Be Attributed to the Internet?”

Wednesday, March 30, 6:30pm
CWE Auditorium
Dr. Elizabeth Bullock

Presidential Conversations* From Chaos to Advocacy: End-of-Life Care,
Narrative, and Social Change

Thursday, March 31st 4:00-5:30pm
Sciame Auditorium, Spitzer School of Architecture
City College Uptown Campus
Dr. Kathy McDonald


CCNY ID Office is coming to CWE!
Update or get a new ID
Thursday, March 31st 4pm-7pm
Faculty Lounge


Human Rights Lecture* Immigration and Citizenship:
On the Complex Relationship of Belonging to Legal Rights

Wednesday, April 6th, 6:30pm
CWE Auditorium
Dr. Susanna Rosenbaum


Are you a parent, grandparent,aunt,uncle,cousin or babysitter of a young child?
An ECE major? Celebrate children and the Importance of Play
a through hands on workshop for the CWE community.

Tuesday, April 12th, 2016 at 5p.m
Room 7-49