CWE Writing Center

Welcome to the Writing Center at CWE!

The goal of the CWE writing consultant is to help our students become better writers as they provide individual attention. Our consultant sessions typically begin with a discussion of the students' objectives and general concerns—leading to a more focused dialogue tailored to their individual needs.Writing Consultants offer techniques for planning and organizing students' papers as well as providing tools for revision and editing.These are just a few of the many ways in which the writing consultant can support a student's writing process.

The writing consultants are asked many questions, such as "How do I begin this paper?"Or," How do I prepare a solid conclusion?"Our consultants are always pleased when the student has specific questions because they can more efficiently assist them. However, one may also experience that these roles are reversed and that the consultant may ask the student questions.Asking questions is the consultants' way of helping to draw out students' ideas. Writing Consultants understand that composing is a process in which students discover their own meanings through writing; discussing thoughts with a writing consultant is often a student's first step toward successfully recognizing and organizing ideas for writing projects.

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