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Interdisciplinary Arts and Science -Undergraduate

Division of Interdisciplinary Studies at the Center for Worker Education

Interdisciplinary Arts and Science -Undergraduate

The Interdisciplinary Arts & Science Degree

A person who holds a B.A. in liberal arts is able to create, research, and analyze ideas and then synthesize the knowledge gained to solve workplace problems or projects. He or she has developed an advanced ability to communicate ideas effectively. The degree provides a broad base of knowledge and avoids over-specialization, which is especially useful in a volatile economy. A B.A. in liberal arts is highly regarded by competitive graduate schools and professional programs. As a graduate, your degree says to prospective employers and graduate programs that you can read and write critically, that you understand research and complex writing tasks, and that you are educated in various academic disciplines.


The B.A. at the Division of Interdisciplinary Studies at the Center for Worker Education is not a traditional discipline-based major. Instead, students either choose an area of concentration or they combine courses from different disciplines to create a directed course of study that is centered on an area of special interest.

A concentration is a group of courses in a particular academic or professional area such Childhood Studies, Disabilities Studies, History, Politics, and Society; Literary, Media and Visual Arts; Social Welfare, The Americas, Urban Studies and Public Administration, and Global Labor Studies. A concentration is like a major, but it is broader and more flexible in the courses it may include. Some students do not choose a concentration and instead complete a grouping of courses to fulfill the B.A. degree requirements. Either approach is planned with an academic advisor.