SPRING 2020 Registration

Dear CWE Students,  

You may now schedule your registration appointment for the Spring 2020 course selections. Please do not contact your advisor directly to schedule an appointment. All appointments are scheduled through the main reception desk either in person, or by calling 212 925 6625 x0.  Registration appointments are 30 minutes in length.  

Before calling to schedule your appointment, please consult your CUNY First Student Center to see the earliest day you may register.  You may schedule your appointment for on or after the day listed in your Student Center.   If you do not see a date listed, consult the 7th Floor reception desk for your registration date (by phone or in person).  If you are assigned to Deborah Edwards-Anderson for advising but are not pursuing an ECE major, please request a change of advisor when you schedule your appointment.  

*PRIORITY REGISTRATION appointments:  CWE students who are officially registered with the CCNY Accessibility Office and the CCNY Office of Veteran's Affairs may schedule for either a 30-minute or 1-hour appointment for any date available as per CCNY Policy. Appointments can be scheduled for on or after November 7th regardless of the date listed in your Student Center.   

Information about The AccessAbility Center @ CWE: https://www.ccny.cuny.edu/cwe/accessability-center-cwe

Registration Information: Class registration at CWE is by appointment only with an academic advisor.  Appointments are sequenced by number of credits earned, Seniors, then Juniors, then Sophomores/Freshmen, or by place in program for ECE Students. After meeting with your advisor and selecting your classes, you must then log into CUNY First and complete your registration. You will also fill out a course permission form with your advisor, and you should keep a copy for your records.

Schedule of Classes and the academic will be posted on The CWE Website and the CWE Facebook page as soon as it's available. 

Registration FAQ’s.    
Q:  Will my tuition be due as soon as I register?
A:  No, CUNY First will list your tuition due date upon registration.

Q:  When should I call or stop by the desk to schedule my appointment?
A:  Call or stop by the reception desk today, i.e. as soon as you can.  Please look up your advisor and registration date in CUNYFirst, however before you call or stop to schedule your appointment.  Having to look up your registration date at the desk places a burden on our receptionists.  Help us by coming or calling prepared:  “I need an appointment with Ms. Romero on …. or later…”

Q:  My registration date is December 15th?  Isn’t that a long way off?  Will there still be classes open?
A:  At CWE, class registration is and has always been by appointment only. This personal attention is the centerpiece of our advising model.  However, it does take time for each student to have an appointment with their advisor.  CWE classes are restricted to CWE students only, and are staggered so that Seniors choose first, then juniors, then sophomores and freshmen, and then new and visiting students.   The only students selecting classes ahead of you are CWE students in that sequence.  

Q:  I am a veteran/I am a student registered with the Disabilities Office.
A:  Then you may disregard your registration date and immediately ask for either a 30-minute or 1-hour appointment for any date available, as per CCNY policy, regardless of what is listed on your Student Center screen.  Students who are not officially registered with either of these offices will NOT be allowed priority registration, however.  If you have questions about this, please contact your advisor.​​​​

CUNY First Student Center=> Enrollment Dates=> See the arliest day you may register for Spring 2019.