Registration Summer and Fall 2020


You may now schedule your registration appointment for the Summer and Fall 2020 course selections. Please do not contact your advisor directly to schedule an appointment.  All appointments are 60 minutes in length*

Schedule an appointment by contacting the CWE Virtual Front Desk: Hours of Operation~~Monday-Friday:9am-9pm

You can connect with them via the three following ways:

1.  Email:

2. Phone: 212-925-6625 extension 0

3. LIVE Video Conference-Blackboard Collaborative Ultra

LIVE Hours: Monday-Friday 11am-8pm

LIVE Dial in: +1-571-392-7650 PIN: 767 683 2815

LIVE Link:

Send an email or leave a voicemail and receive a response within 24 hours during the operating time frames below. When sending a message please leave your full name, phone number and Empl ID.


Before calling to schedule your appointment, please consult your CUNY First Student Center to see the earliest day you may register.  You may schedule your appointment for on or after the day listed in your Student Center.   If you do not see a date listed, consult the CWE Virtual Front Desk for your registration date. If you are assigned to Deborah Edwards-Anderson for advising but are not pursuing an ECE major, please request a change of advisor when you schedule your appointment.  

*PRIORITY REGISTRATION appointments:  CWE students who are officially registered with the CCNY Accessibility Office and the CCNY Office of Veteran's Affairs may schedule for their appointment for any time beginning today regardless of the date listed in your Student Center as per CCNY Policy.   

Information about The AccessAbility Center @ CWE:
Registration Information:
1. Class registration at CWE is by appointment only with an academic advisor. 
2. Appointments are sequenced by the number of credits earned, Seniors, then Juniors, then Sophomores/Freshmen, or by place in the program for ECE Students.
3. After meeting with your advisor and selecting your classes, you must then log into CUNY First and complete your registration.
4. You will also fill out a course permission form with your advisor, and you should keep a copy for your records.
Schedule of Classes and the summer and fall academic calendars are posted on this site and attached to the registration email. 

Registration FAQ’s.   
Q:  Will my tuition be due as soon as I register?
A:  No, CUNY First will list your tuition due date upon registration.

Q:  When should I call or contact the CWE Front Desk to schedule my appointment?
A:  Contact the front desk staff today, i.e. as soon as you can.  Please look up your advisor and registration date in CUNYFirst, however before you contact to schedule your appointment.  Having to look up your registration date at the desk places a burden on our front desk staff.  Help us by coming or calling prepared:  “I need an appointment with Ms. Romero on …. or later…”

Q:  My registration date is May 15th?  Isn’t that a long way off?  Will there still be classes open?
A:  At CWE, class registration is and has always been by appointment only. This personal attention is the centerpiece of our advising model.  However, it does take time for each student to have an appointment with their advisor.  CWE classes are restricted to CWE students only, and are staggered so that Seniors choose first, then juniors, then sophomores and freshmen, and then new and visiting students.   The only students selecting classes ahead of you are CWE students in that sequence.  

Q:  I am a veteran/I am a student registered with the Disabilities Office.
A:  Then you may disregard your registration date and immediately contact the front desk for an appointment for any date available, as per CCNY policy, regardless of what is listed on your Student Center screen.  Students who are not officially registered with either of these offices will NOT be allowed priority registration, however.  If you have questions about this, please contact your advisor.

CUNY First Student Center=> Enrollment Dates=> See the earliest day you may register for Summer  2020.


March 31st, 2020

CWE Summer/Fall 2020 Registration Update

We hope that you and your family are well, and we appreciate your patience as we prepare for Summer/Fall CWE class registration appointments.  CWE will continue our usual individualized, one-to-one registration appointments with your academic advisor.  You will have the option of meeting with your advisor to select your upcoming classes via online "face-to-face" appointment using Zoom or Blackboard Collaborate, by phone, or by email at your selected appointment time.  To accommodate this, we are adjusting your student registration appointment dates in CUNY First.  We will let you know how and when to schedule your advising appointment within the next few days.

Students registered with the Accessability Office, active duty military, and veterans: Contact your advisor directly via email to schedule your appointment at any time, before our announcement.

All other continuing students: Please wait until the official CWE announcement to schedule your appointment.  This term we will be scheduling 1-hour appointment times instead of the usual 30-minute appointments, in order to better accommodate this temporary change from on-site, in-person appointments.

Summer and Fall Schedules:   We are adjusting our summer and fall schedule of classes.  Summer classes will continue in online and distance-learning formats.  Fall classes will include online, hybrid, and in-class options, in anticipation of returning to an open campus by August.  The updated Summer/Fall 2020 schedule will be posted on the CWE webpage  by the end of this week.

Please check your Citymail for more updates via email within the next few days about when and how to schedule your advising appointments for Summer and Fall classes.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.  The CWE staff and faculty wishes you wellness and safety during these trying times.  Our goal is to provide the best possible continuity in your academic career, and to maintain the very special bond of our CWE community as we pass through this together.

Further questions or concerns?  Please visit our advising web-page or email your academic advisor.

Division of Interdisciplinary Studies at CWE advisors:

Trisha Baboolal:

John Calagione:

Jason Chappell:

Debbie Edwards-Anderson:

Warren Orange:



March 26th, 2020

Welcome to our Summer and Fall 2020 course registration pages!

CWE Summer and Fall 2020 Advising and Enrollment will begin the week of April 6.  We will continue our commitment to individualized, face-to-face academic advising during this period of remote learning with live-online appointments, appointments by phone, and via email.  We will announce when and how to schedule your advising appointment during the week of March 30 in our registration web-page.

As in all semesters, students registered with the Access-ability Office and the Veteran’s Affairs Office will be given priority early-scheduling, followed by all continuing students. Appointment scheduling is sequenced by total credits earned. E.C.E. majors are sequenced by place-in-program. Once you have selected your summer and/or fall classes with your advisor, you will be able to enroll in those classes through CUNY First.  

As always, CWE Academic Advising is about more than just selecting classes for the upcoming term.  We are here to assist in the overall guidance of your academic career, in awareness of the student support services offered at CWE, and assisting with academic self-assessment. Please help us maximize our time together by preparing your questions and concerns in advance, and by reviewing the class schedule prior to your appointment time.  The Summer/Fall 2020 Class Schedule will be posted on our webpage the week of March 30.

Registration FAQs:

Q: I don’t have a web-cam. How can I meet online with my advisor?

A: Academic Advisors will be using Zoom and/or Blackboard Collaborate Ultra for online appointments.  Both offer alternative dial-in phone access in addition to computer access. Advisors may also conduct advising appointments via email, but with a dedicated time for correspondence.

Q: If I cannot schedule my appointment until the third week of registration, won’t many classes already be closed?

A: As in the past, we guarantee each student an individual advising appointment, therefore our registration cycle takes longer than the standard “rush” registration on other campuses.  In addition, CWE classes are closed to non-CWE majors until all continuing students have had the opportunity for an appointment. For fairness, we sequence appointment scheduling by number of credits earned.

Q:  Where can I find the CWE Summer and Fall class schedule?

A:  Our full class schedule will appear on our web-page the week of March 30.