ECI College Courses

Early college schools recognize that students who may struggle to achieve a college degree are most in need of early and intellectually stimulating experiences with college. The opportunity to engage in challenging academic work can be a powerful motivator for students while saving them time and money.

Our Model: Grades 6-12 

  • During middle school grades, intensive curriculum focuses on reading, writing, mathematics, and college immersion activities on campus. 
  • Students begin taking college courses in 9th or 10th grade.
  • Students earn up to 60 college credits. 

Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment: ECI students are enrolled in both high school and college courses simultaneously, allowing them to earn college credits while in high school.

Supportive Environment


Supportive Environment: ECI schools create a scaffolded transition from high school to college courses with additional supports built into the program so that students are successful. Instead of abruptly moving from a high school to a college environment, ECI students at CCAA begin with one college course—often in the 9th grade—and gradually the academic expectations increase over time. 

Access to College Campus

Access to College Campus: ECI schools are located near their partner college campus, and students in the upper grades travel regularly between high school and college settings. By making campus exposure and college-level work a part of every student’s high school experience, early college high schools eliminate financial, academic, and psychological hurdles that prevent too many students from entering and succeeding in college.

All CCNY ECI college courses are offered on campus, open to the CCNY campus community for enrollment and taught by college adjuncts and professors.

ECI students have full access to all resources that CCNY has to offer.

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