Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct faculty can be reached via email below. If you need additional assistance please email the Dean's office at .

Spring 2021

Last Name, First Name, Email, Program
Abbass, Amal, , Literacy Education
Baez, Jason, , Childhood Education
Bongiorno, Carolee, , Childhood Education
Brady, Kelly, , Theatre Education
Braithwaite, Corinna, , Childhood Education UG
Brian, Samuel, , Childhood Education UG
Bruno, Teresa, , Bilingual Education and TESOL
Carlson, Moriah, , Art Education
Carpenter, Mary, , Bilingual Education and TESOL
Colon-Bomani, Lydia, , Leadership and Special Education
Cooper, Durell, , Theatre Education
Cordones, Josue, , Math Education
Cozzarelli, Tatiana, , Social Foundation
Daddino, Jennifer, , Bilingual Education and TESOL
De La Cruz, Kristy, , Bilingual Education and TESOL
Diliberti, Barbara, , Bilingual Education and TESOL
Edlin, Sara, , Early Childhood Education
Eng, Norman, , Childhood Education
Engler, Elise, , Early Childhood Education
Entigar, Katherine, , Early Childhood Education
Fama, James, , Childhood Education UG
Felice, Judith, , Childhood Education
Figueroa, Sayi, , Special Education
Fogelman, Sarah, ,
Francis, Sonia, , Transformative Literacy
Genter, Jessica, , Science Education
Gil, Patricia, , Bilingual Education and TESOL
Gollobit, Bryce, , Math Education
Griffith, Kellie, , Bilingual Education and TESOL
Hilton, Jody, , Childhood Education
Hong, Yuqing, , Bilingual Education and TESOL
Hopkins, Jeffrey, , Art Education
Johnson, Donna, , Special Education
Kanze, Bruce, , Childhood Education
Kunin, Annette, , Childhood Education
Lesser-Goldberg, Ilana, , Early Childhood Education
Maisel, Jane, , Bilingual Education and TESOL
Makar, Carmina, , Bilingual Education and TESOL
Martell, Monica, , Spanish Education
Mechanick, Jesse, , Science Education
Mota, Irving, , Bilingual Education and TESOL
Nakazawa, Natalia, , Art Education
Oliver, William, , Bilingual Education and TESOL
Ozier, Lance, , English Education
Padia, Lilly, , Leadership & Human Development
Paul-Stubbs, Sheryl, , Special Education
Pew, Brian, , Special Education
Ramkellawan-Arteaga, Reshma, , English Education
Rice, Ellen, , Childhood Education
Rosenman, Martin, , Teacher Academy/Secondary Ed.
Scott, Rory, , Early Childhood Education
Shaffer, Lisanne, , Theatre Education
Smith, Brady, , Leadership
Stephens, Hope, , Literacy Education
Stout Jr., Austin, , Special Education
Swift, Kelsey, , Bilingual Education and TESOL
Thompson, Katisha, , Childhood Education UG
Tramantano, Adam, , English Education
Uceda, Francisco, , Spanish Education
Uy, Aristides, , Math Education
Villaronga, Lydia, , Social Foundation
Warton, Augustina, , Art Education
White, Tricia, , Special Education
Wildstein, Tristin, , Secondary Education

Fall 2020

Department of Teaching & Learning

Name Email
Bongiorno Carolee
Borman Greg  
Brady Kelly
Braithwaite Corinna
Brian Samuel
Caetano Dorota
Cooper Durell  
Edlin  Sara
Eng Norman
Engler Elise
Fama James
Felice Judith
Fryer Christine
Garves Yasmin
Goertzel William
Hopkins Jeffrey
Katona Peter
Laskin Pamela
Lorenz-Phillips Jessica  
Nakazawa Natalia
Nazero Gala  
Ozier Lance
Placek Bridget
Rosenman Martin
Shaffer Lisanne
Sloane Travis
Smith Beverly
Thompson Katisha
Uceda Francisco

Department of Learning, Leadership, and Culture

Name Email
Binder Demetra
Carpenter Mary
Colon-Leon Lydia
Cozzarelli Tatiana
Daddino Jennifer
De La Cruz Kristy
Diop Aminata
Francis Sonia
Gil Patricia
Gonzalez-Alarcon Barbara
Johnson Dr. Donna
Le Khanh
Lorenzetti Nicole
Luciano Christine
Maisel Jane
Makar Martin Carmina
Martin Rose
Neufeld-Figueroa Sayi
Padia Lily
Paul-Stubbs Sheryl
Prado-Romero Pedro
Rubinstein Ana
Smith Brady
Solyom Nikki
Stout, Jr. Austin
Uribe Dr. Hector
Villaronga Lydia  
Warkentin(Bruno) Teresa
Wildstein Tristin
Wilkinson Moira
White  Tricia

Spring 2020

Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Name Email
Auth Matthew
Blatman Benjy
Bongiorno Carolee
Brady Kelly
Braithwaite Corinna
Brian Samuel
Carlson Moriah
Davis Hope
Del Calvo Andrew
Doerfel Paula
Dunn-Ruiz Elizabeth
Edlin Sara
Eng Norman
Engler Elise
Fama James
Felice Judith
Gluck Harvey
Goertzel Will
Guzman-Valerio Luis
Hilton Jody
Hong Yuqing
Hopkins Jeffrey
Katona Peter
Koo Sohee
Martell Monica
Maslow Gayle
Mechanick Jesse
Myrthil Judith
Nakazawa Natalia
Ozier Lance
Placek Bridget
Poulin Jeff
Ramkellawan Reshma
Rosenman Martin
Scott Rory
Shaffer Lisanne
Sloane Travis
Thompson Katisha
Tirnovan Daniela
Tramantano Adam
Uceda Francisco

Department of Leadership and Human Development

Name Email
Beccia Ashley
Binder Demetra
Carpenter Mary
Colon-Leon Lydia
Cozzarelli Tatiana
Daddino Jennifer
De La Cruz Kristy
Diop Aminata
Diliberti Barbara
Entigar Katherine
Figueroa Sayi
Francis Sonia
Gil Patricia
Gonzalez Barbara
Griffith Kellie
Hargrove William
Johnson Donna
Kanze Bruce
Lorenzetti Nicole
Luciano Christine
Luther Juliet
Maisel Jane
Makar Carmina
Moreno Yesenia
Neagley David
Oliver William
Padia Lilly
Paul-Stubbs Sheryl
Prado-Romero Pedro
Quan Luis
Rubenstein Ana
Solyom Nikki
Stephens Hope
Stout Jr. Austin
Tu Hoa
Uribe Hector
Ventura Ambar
Warkentin (Bruno) Teresa
White Tricia
Wilkinson Moira


Before Spring 2020

Name Email
Alisa Algava
Kate Belin  
Demetra Binder
Carolee Bongiorno
Randy Bozen
Kelly Brady
Samuel Brian
Matthew Broggini
Mary Carpenter
Tricia Caucasian  
Ryan Coughlan
Teresa Darwich-Alcaraz
Emily Davis  
Barbara Diliberti
Paula Doerfel
Elizabeth Dunn-Ruiz
Ilia Edwards
Norman Eng
Elise Engler
Katherine Entigar  
James Fama  
Beverly Ann Folkes-Bryant
Sonia Francis
Jessica Genter
M. Barbara Giaquinto
Michael Gill
Will Goertzel
Tricia Gordon-Brown  
Carmine Guirland  
Devon Harrison
Shana Henry
Jody Hilton  
Yuqing Hong
Katie Hormant  
Jennifer Ifil-Ryan
Nancy Ireland
Vernon Johnson  
Donna Johnson Pompei
Bruce Kanze
Michael Kastner
Peter Katona
Tarendra Lakhankar
Stephen Lazar
Jessica Lebron  
Ilana Lesser  
Nicole Lorenzetti
Juliet M. Luther
Jane Maisel  
Christine Malsbary  
Emma Markarian
Monica Martell
Rose Martin
Elizabeth Matthews  
Marjory Matthieu-Kodjovi  
Susan McCullough
Ryan McGuinness
Jesse Mechanick
Alexandra Melendrez  
Yesenia Moreno
James Mort  
Jaclyn Nespoli  
Sayi Neufeld
Jeffrey M Poulin
Carla Repice
Alycia Rhinehart  
Sylvia Roberts  
Joaquin Rodriguez  
Zoraima Rosario-Rolon  
Gloria Yvette Rosario Wallace
Martin Rosenman
Jane Rosen  
Kellyanne Royce-Giron  
Peter Royston  
Ruben D. Sanchez
Rebekah Schiller
Kate Seltzer
Lisanne Shaffer
Travis Sloane
Kenneth A. Stark  
William M. Stone
Jean Sung
Terry Tambria  
Katisha Thompson
Amy Tondreau  
Stephanie Ubiera
Francisco Uceda
Adrienne Urbanski
Hector Uribe Perez
Tricia White
Moira Wilkinson  
Yvonne Wilkinson
Tristin Wildstein
Jean Wong


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