Algebra for All & CUNY Micro-Credential Partnership

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Algebra for All
 & CUNY are pleased to provide Algebra for All teachers with an opportunity to earn a 15 credit micro-credential in mathematics content and pedagogy with tuition and fees paid by CUNY. This coursework will expand the work of the Algebra for All professional learning sessions. It will provide graduate coursework focusing on strong instructional practice and the content that is critical to student success in Algebra I and beyond.

Application Deadline: November 19, 2018
Classes begin Spring 2019   1/25/2019-5/22/2019

Course Sequence:  (Applicants are asked to commit to the full course sequence)

SP 2019   MATHE 8102N   Rational Number and Proportional Reasoning 
SU 2019   MATHE 1000E    History of Mathematics
FA 2019    MATHE 4700C   Modeling with Algebraic and Trigonometric Functions          
SP 2020   EDUC 2507N    Teaching Mathematics to English Language Learners
SU 2020  MATHE 4600C   Introduction to Mathematical Thinking
FA 2020   MATHE 4900E     Fundamental Ideas of Calculus
(All class times are 4:50pm or later, one day a week)

Tuition and fees for current Algebra for All NYCDOE teachers will be paid by CUNY, however, textbooks for courses are NOT covered. Participants will be responsible for purchasing books and materials for each course. Only Algebra for All teachers in good standing with completed applications will be considered for participation.

Application Instructions for the Algebra for All & CUNY Partnership

(It generally takes approximately 30mins to complete the application, but you can always save and continue as needed before the November 19th application deadline)

Non-Degree Application & Materials

(see steps below)
Use the link to the application

  • Enter the Program Information as follows:
    o   School of Interest select School of Education
    o   Program of Study select Mathematics Education (Grades 5-9)
    o   Certification Track select Advanced Certificate Program
    o   Intended Degree select Non-Degree
    o   Term select Spring 2019
    o   Save & Continue to the other parts of the application
  • Upload all transcripts on completion of the Educational History (if you are having trouble uploading your materials, please fax to (212) 650-6299 with the Subject Line: A4A Partnership
  • At the Select Payment Method, click the radio button for Check; we are aware that the application fee is covered by the Partnership but the application will not release without this note
  • Confirmation message: Submission Complete!

Additional information will be required after the application is processed and forwarded well before the first day of classes (FERPA Release Form, Immunization Form, Graduate Registration Form)
For additional information and questions, please contact the School of Education Office of Admissions & Student Services at