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Certification - Institutional Recommendation

School of Education

Certification - Institutional Recommendation

An Institutional Recommendation means that the institution (CCNY) where you completed your Approved Teacher Preparation Program is verifying to the state that you have in fact completed an Education or Administration program which satisfies the State's requirements for certification in that particular area, as agreed upon in the program registration.  The recommendation comes in the form of a New York Stateapplication for certification, to be completed via the OTI TEACH system.  Please be sure to indicate that you are requesting an institutional recommendation, by selecting the Approved Teacher Preparation Program pathway.   You may only request an institutional recommendation for a certificate in the subject area of the program you completed at the institution and for the certificate type for which the program is registered as leading to.

Some notes about the Institutional Recommendation:

  • A candidate may receive an Institutional Recommendation only after they have completed the Approved Teacher Preparation Program, according to the regulations of the Commissioner of Education reproduced here.
  • Completion of the program is defined as having met all coursework requirements as listed on your program's Program Planning Sheet, as well as any additional coursework or testing requirements that may have been required as a condition for admission or graduation. (Candidates are encouraged to meet with their advisor to make sure they will meet all requirements for graduation and certification.)
  • Completion of the program is indicated by the conferral of a degree (except for Advanced Certificate programs, excluding the Advanced Certificate in Administration and Supervision which does lead to a degree) by the CCNY Registrar's office.  The actual diploma is not necessary, just the posting of your degree title and date on your official transcript.
  • Candidates are not automatically certified upon graduation, but instead are eligible for certification.
  • All graduates from School of Education programs who are eligible for certification will be recommended by the college, upon receipt of permission from the graduate to do so. When applying for graduation online, be sure to indicate that you wish to be recommended for certification.  You must apply for an institutional recommendation via the TEACH system in order for the certificate to be issued.
  • The Institutional Recommendation is not in and of itself a guarantee that the certificate will be issued.   The candidate bears the responsibility of satisfying other state requirements such as certification exams and fingerprinting.   The State bears the responsibility for verifying that the candidate has done so.  The certification office at CCNY may advise candidates what requirements they may be deficient.