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Certification - TEACH

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Certification - TEACH


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TEACH Tutorial – Step by Step Instructions:

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 Candidates applying for certification must use the TEACH ONLINE SERVICES Application System.  The state will no longer accept paper applications.  All information required to apply via the TEACH System is available on this website and on the TEACH Instruction Sheet.

**PLEASE NOTE:   Applicants for PROVISIONAL certificates must select PERMANENT, as there is currently no option for the Provisional.  If you have not satisfied the requirements for Permanent certification, the state will issue the Provisional in its stead.

Information to consider when deciding which certificate to apply for:
1) The Initial Certificate is issued overnight if all requirements including testing and fingerprinting have been satisfied.  The Initial certificate is issued automatically by the TEACH system and does not require the intervention of the evaluators in Albany.
2) The Initial Certificate is valid for 5 years without any additional requirements.  The Professional certificate however, requires that candidates complete 175 hours of professional development every 5 years in order to maintain its validity.  The clock for the professional development cycle begins as soon as the Professional certificate is issued.  Applying for the Initial certificate first gives the holder 5 years of worry-free and maintenance-free certification.  CCNY will recommend Master's degree graduates for both certificates so candidates can apply for the professional in the future, without need for further action from CCNY.

TEACH is a web-based teacher certification database, online application, and teacher certification system.  The online application/recommendation process matches the applicant's self-reported education and the certificate for which he/she applies, to the recommendation submitted by the college.  This means information must be entered accurately by the candidate and the institution. When the application, fee, and recommendation align in TEACH, TEACH looks to make sure the other requirements are met (such as passing exam scores and fingerprinting) and then issues the certificate. In many instances for Initial classroom teaching and Provisional Pupil Personnel and Administration Certificates, this will be done overnight as soon as everything comes together.  For other certificate types where experience or school district employment is necessary (i.e. Permanent or Professional), a review of the application will be conducted by Staff and if experience/employment is determined to be satisfactory, the certificate will be issued.

Certificates are issued based on the way in which the program was registered.  Candidates may not apply for an institutional recommendation for a certificate title outside of the program completed at the institution.  If candidates have completed a program which leads to 2 certificates, such as Bilingual Childhood Education, the system will allow them to apply for both certificates.  Additionally, candidates may not apply for a certificate type (Initial or Professional) that the program is not registered as leading to.  You should be aware of the certificate titles and types for which you are eligible, but you may click the "Certificate Types" and "School of Ed. Programs" links to the left for help.  You may also ask your advisor for clarification.

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