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Faculty & Staff Profiles

School of Education

Faculty & Staff Profiles

Name                                                                    Phone Office                 Email
Mary Erina Driscoll
212-650-5471/5434/5870 NA3/203
Gretchen Johnson
Associate Dean
212-650-6243 NA3/213
Stacia Pusey
Asst Dean: Admissions & Student Services
212-650-5316/6296 NA3/223A
Aminata Diop
Executive Assistant to the Dean
212-650-6544 NA3/203
Aelicia Yeates                   
Office of Finance & Operations
212-650-6233 NA3/202B
Bruce Billig
Director: Office of Clinical Practice
212-650-6915 NA6/207A
Doris Grasserbauer
Director: Multimedia Center
212-650-5795 NA4/217A
Leonard Lewis
Director: Learning Resource Center
212-650-5455 NA3/226
Henny T. Wong
Director: Office of Technology
212-650-6265/8838 NA3/227A,B
Margaret Schehl
Certification Officer
212-650-5232 NA 3/213

Faculty by department:

  • Curriculum and Instruction: Full-time, Adjunct
  • Leadership and Human Development: Full-time, Adjunct

Full-time faculty by program: