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Faculty Expertise Guide - Early Childhood Education

School of Education

Faculty Expertise Guide - Early Childhood Education

Beverly Falk

  • Child-centered/learner-centered Teaching and Curriculum
  • Performance Assessment/Accountability
  • Teacher/Class-room Based Research
  • School Change
  • Teacher Education/Professional Development
  • Urban Issues in Education

Vicki Garavuso

  • Early Childhood Teacher Education
  • Equity in Early Care/Education Settings
  • Curriculum Development
  • Mentoring

Amita Gupta

  • International and comparative education
  • Teacher education and teachers' beliefs
  • Curriculum design and child development in culturally diverse contexts
  • Education in India and South Asia
  • Socio-cultural constructivism in teaching and learning
  • Postcolonial theory in education

Gay Wilgus

  • Working with Infant Toddlers and Parents
  • Education of Immigrant Children
  • Cultural and Sociological Issues in Early Childhood Education and Children's Ideology
  • Critical Analysis of research on Child Development