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Is a candidate required to take more than ONE edTPA Assessment?

If you are currently in a professional certification program, and you already completed an edTPA Assessment for my Initial Certification, then you are NOT required to complete a second edTPA assessment for your professional certification.

How do I access the edTPA Assessment handbook, templates, and materials?

STEP (1):
First, locate your program on the left side of the program code sheet, then check to the right of the program to find the DRF code. Use that code to self-enroll into the DRF (Direct Response Folio) in task stream the folio you would use to upload and submit assignments to your instructor. On the same line, and to the right would be the name of the edTPA Assessment folio you are required to submit.  The login code for the edTPA Assessment folio will be on the right of the assessment name, and the last column on the right side of the code sheet. You must use this code to self-enroll into the edTPA Assessment folio you would be using.

STEP (2): 
Now that you have access to your edTPA Assessment folio, let’s locate the handbook and templates.

  1. Click on the link for the edTPA assessment folio for your program. [Check the program code sheet and make sure that you have accessed the correct edTPA Assessment folio.]
  2. When you are in the folio, click on the name of the program near the top left (e.g. Early Childhood).  On the right side of the screen you should see a link to your program, e.g. ‘edTPA documents for Early Childhood’ and a Password below the link.  Copy the password.
  3. Now click on the link ‘edTPA documents for Early Childhood’ [or your program name] and enter the password.
  4. On the next screen, two links would be on the left, first, ‘The Program Name, e.g. Early Childhood Education’ and below that, ’Supporting Materials’. The should download the following:

    a.    Early Childhood link – {i). Handbook and all templates (most would have four (4) templates: (ii). Context for Learning template, (iii). Planning Commentary template, (iv). Instruction Commentary template, and (v) Assessment Commentary template.)

    b.    Supporting Materials link – (i) edTPA Candidate Guide, (ii) Making Good Choices, and (iii). Understanding Rubric Level Progressions. When you are saving the files you download, name them the same way as the original documents.  


I completed my degree about two years ago but did not complete the edTPA Assessment, which set of templates and handbook should I use?

If you still have an active taskstream account, you can check your program’s edTPA Assessment folio for the current handbooks and templates. If you are unsure whether or not you have access to the current folio, then check with the SoE Virtual Lab Support Desk for this information.

I completed my edTPA Assessment but received a total score that has ‘Condition Codes’ how do I complete a re-take of specific tasks?

You could access information about the retake process at this link [click here.]

I completed my edTPA Assessment but received a score below the passing score, what are my options?

There are two options. First, determine if your score is within 2 points below the passing score then you should make a request to determine if you are eligible for the Multiple Measures Review Option. Secondly, you should review your score report to determine if you must do a Partial Retake of one or two tasks or if a redo of the entire assessment tasks is required. Check here for information about completing edTPA re-takes.

What is the fee for taking the edTPA?

The fee for taking the entire edTPA Assessment is $300. If you are completing a re-take of specific task(s) the fee for each task is $100. 

Where could I find information about the deadlines to submit the edTPA Assessment?

Information on the deadlines to submit your edTPA Assessment can be found at this location. [click here.]

When do I know when I will receive my scores for the edTPA Assessment portfolio?

The date to receive the scores for edTPA Assessment is listed on the information above; however, those dates are also available here [click here.]

My video clip cannot upload (keeps going around)

You would need to compress your video clip. Visit the MMC [click here]

How can I obtain the Authorization Key to transfer edTPA Assessment files from Taskstream to Pearson?

After signing up and paying for the edTPA Assessment at the ‘edTPA.com’ site, you  will receive an Authorization Key at the end of the process; make sure you keep this login formation safely. If you did not receive an Authorization Key, then log in back into the account you set up and make sure you select an ‘Integrated Platform Provider’ as the platform for submitting your edTPA (do not select Pearson). At the end of the process you will be given an Authorization Key to transfer your edTPA Assessment files from Taskstream to Pearson.

How do I submit my completed edTPA Assessment folio to Pearson?

Use the guide below to transfer your files from Taskstream to Pearson. [PDF Guide to transfer files to the Pearson site.]

After my edTPA Assessment files are transferred from Taskstream to Pearson, is there anything else I need to do?

After you transfer your edTPA Assessment folio files from Taskstream to Pearson, you must access the Pearson site, open and review each file, then confirm that the files I ready to be submitted. You must also play and review each video clip and label the clips. If any anytime during this process you discover that there is an error that required you fixing something, then stop the process, make the necessary changes before re-submitting the file(s) again to Pearson. Finally, when you click on the ‘Submit for Scoring’ button the Assessment is process is finally completed.

Which support can I expect from the Multimedia Center?

The Multimedia Center offers technical advice and assistance with video recording. We teach you how to cut footage. We have devices (camcorders, cameras, iPods, iPads) you can borrow to record in the classroom for the video component of edTPA. We will NOT help you to select a segment from your footage.

We offer the following services related to the edTPA video:

  • lend out equipment
  • advice on recording issues (visual, audio, etc.)
  • download the footage from the recording device
  • cut the video
  • compress the video

upload to TaskStream (edTPA respectively)

Who keeps the video release forms?

The video parent permission forms are usually kept by the schools. Usually the principal keeps them or someone in his/her administration.

If you have to hand out your own permission forms since the school does not provide them, hold on to them when they are returned.

What is the size limit for one single video clips?

500MB, i.e. if you are allowed to submit two individual video clips you can submit two files 500MB each. Information on video compression is available on edTPA:

PC: http://www.edtpa.com/Content/Docs/VideoCompressionGuidePC.pdf
MAC: http://www.edtpa.com/Content/Docs/VideoCompressionGuideMac.pdf

What does the 500MB in relation to files mean?

The 500MB limit is the maximum file size for any single file submitted to the Pearson system.

Are High Definition videos allowed?

They are allowed but not recommended because of the big file size this format creates.

Can transcriptions be used to translate the answer of a student in Spanish into English?

You can provide transcriptions of students' responses from languages other than English.

Where can I get assistance if I have a problem with the edTPA Assessment?

If you need support for the edTPA Assessment, contact the SoE Virtual Lab Support Desk at:
Zoom: https://ccny.zoom.us/j/95975009031
Meeting ID: 959 7500 9031
Email:  soelabservicedesk@ccny.cuny.edu
Phone: 646-558-8656

If your questions were not answered above, you might find answers in one of our other FAQ pages:

If you still have questions please visit our SoE Virtual Lab Service Desk
Zoom: https://ccny.zoom.us/j/95975009031
Meeting ID: 959 7500 9031
Email:  soelabservicedesk@ccny.cuny.edu
Phone: 646-558-8656