FAQs - Taskstream

What is Taskstream and do I need an account?

Beginning Fall 2006, all candidates taking courses in the School of Education are required to create and maintain a Taskstream account throughout the span of their enrollment in the program.
Taskstream is an on-line, web-based folio assessment system that is used by our candidates to document their learning process and to showcase and archive digital products. Additionally, the School of Education uses Taskstream to aggregate and report data for programmatic improvement and accreditation purposes.

How do I set up a Taskstream account?

Accounts can be set-up by accessing the following link: www.taskstream.com. Your landing page would be ‘Watermark’; after you click on the ‘login’ button you would then see ‘Taskstream’ as an option. Click on the ‘Taskstream’ icon to log into the program. 


Where can I get assistance if I have a problem using Taskstream?

If you need technical support while using Taskstream, contact the SoE Virtual Lab Support Desk at:
Zoom: https://ccny.zoom.us/j/95975009031
Meeting ID: 959 7500 9031
Email:  soelabservicedesk@ccny.cuny.edu
Phone: 646-558-8656

You may also call Taskstream Mentoring Services directly at toll-free: Monday through Friday from 8 AM until 7 PM at 1-800-311-5656.

How soon do I need to set up my Taskstream account?

Ideally, a candidate's Taskstream account should be set-up prior to the first day of classes.

After I set up my Taskstream account, how do I self-enroll into my Program?

After setting up your Taskstream account, you would need a special code to self-enroll into your program in Taskstream. You would need a code to access the program DRF (Direct Response Folio) where you will submit assignments to your instructors.  Find your program on the attached list, then select the code next to the program.

What is my Taskstream program code?

Childhood Education -
Choodundergrad edTPA (02a) Elementary Education: Literacy with Mathematics Task 4 (v07.1) ChildhoodEdLiteracy ChildhoodEdMath
Childhood Education - Graduate Chedinitial
ChildhoodEdLiteracy ChildhoodEdMath
Bilingual Childhood Education - Undergraduate Bilingual   ChildhoodEdLiteracy ChildhoodEdMath
Bilingual Childhood Education - Graduate Bilingualgraduate edTPA (02b) Elementary Education: Mathematics with Literacy Task 4 (v01) ChildhoodEdLiteracy ChildhoodEdMath
Early Childhood Education – Undergraduate (CWE) Echundergrad edTPA (01) Assessment Early Childhood (v06.1) EarlyChildhoodEd
Early Childhood Education – Graduate Echgrad   EarlyChildhoodEd
Art Education – Undergraduate ArtEdUndergrad edTPA (12) Assessment Visual Arts Education (v06.1) ArtEd
Art Education - Graduate ArtEdgrad   ArtEd
English Education – Undergraduate EnglishEducationUG edTPA (07) Assessment Secondary English & Language Arts (v06.1) EnglishEd
English Education (Graduate) EnglishEducation edTPA (07) Assessment Secondary English & Language Arts (v06.1) EnglishEd
Mathematics Education - Graduate MathEducationGrad   MathEd
Mathematics Education - Undergraduate MathEducationUG edTPA (09) Assessment Secondary Mathematics(v06.1) MathEd
Middle School Mathematics – Grad & UGrad MathEducationGrad/UG edTPA (05) Assessment Middle Childhood Mathematics (v06.1) MathEdMSchool
Middle School Science – Grad & UGrad ScienceEducationGrad/ UG edTPA (06) Assessment Middle Childhood Science (v06.1) ScienceEdMS
Secondary Spanish EducationGraduate SecondarySpanishGrad edTPA (13) Assessment World Language (v07.1) SpanishEd
Secondary Spanish EducationUndergraduate SecondarySpanishUG   SpanishEd
Science Education – Graduate ScienceEducationGrad edTPA (10) Assessment Secondary Science (v07.1) ScienceEd
Science Education – Undergraduate ScienceEducationUG   ScienceEd
Social Studies Education - Graduate SocialstudiesGrad edTPA (08) Assessment Secondary History & Social Studies (v06.1) SocialstudiesEd
Social Studies Education - Undergrad SocialStudiesUG   SocialstudiesEd
Music Education MusicEd edTPA (04) Assessment K-12 Performing Arts (v06.1) PerformingArtsEd
Educational Theatre Educationaltheatre   PerformingArtsEd
TESOL Certification Program (Initial) Tesolinitial   TesolEd
TESOL Professional Certification Program Tesolprofessional edTPA (03) Assessment English as an Additional Language (v07.1) TesolEd TesolEd
Special Education – Graduate Sped   SpecialEd
Bilingual Special Education – Graduate Bilingualgraduate edTPA (11) Assessment Special Education (v08.1) SpecialEd SpecialEd
Literacy Acquisition & Development Program Literacyprogram NA NA
Leadership & Administration (Building) Building NA NA
Leadership & Administration (District) District NA NA
Foundations Program Foundations NA NA


The instructor for one of my courses said to submit an assignment in Taskstream, how do I upload and submit the work to my instructor?

Use the Candidate’s Guide to Using Taskstream to learn how to submit your assignment to your instructor. Remember, you must first upload the work to Taskstream then click on the ‘Submit Work’ button to have the work ‘sent’ to the specific instructor you are asked to identify in the process. Follow the same guide to ‘retrieve’ the work if you made an error and want to re-send the work again.

How do I see the score/grade I received for the assignment?

After opening your Taskstream account, click on your program link then click on the ‘Scores/Report/ tab on the far right of the screen to access your score/grade for a particular assignment. 

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If you still have questions please visit our SoE Virtual Lab Service Desk
Zoom: https://ccny.zoom.us/j/95975009031
Meeting ID: 959 7500 9031
Email:  soelabservicedesk@ccny.cuny.edu
Phone: 646-558-8656