Instructional Technology

This is an evolving resource page to integrate Instructional Technology in our classrooms.

Some topics:


    Apple’s iPads in the classroom can help with Teaching & Learning, whether you have one (for instructor use), a handful (so that teams each have one), or enough iPads for each member of a class. A wide selection of Apps can help with various T&L tasks.

    APPs for daily classroom use by teachers:
    • Reflector – With a classroom projector and this app, you can show the iPad screen to the class via wifi.
    • ClassDojo – This app enables teachers to give feedback on class performance for both students and parents.
    • TeacherKit – Teachers use this gradebook app, which provides a virtual seating chart, record attendance, and place to record grades. 
    • Timer+  – This free app makes multiple timers available to teachers that can run in background to monitor numerous timed tasks.
    • ShowMe – Classrooms with projectors can use an iPad with this app as an interactive whiteboard thatsubstitutes for SmartBoard.
  • APPs for daily use by students – general knowledge, skills & tools:
    • Khan Academy – The app provides world-renowned video tutorials using engaging direct instruction of the world's knowledge.
    • BrainPop – This app + subscription provides animated tutoring movies for elementary students on a wide range of academic topics.
    • Noteability – This app provides students or teachers with a tool for dynamic note taking.
    • DropBox – Store large files in the Cloud for free or at low cost with this app touting an elegantly simple interface that enables easy file sharing with others.
    • Dictionary – This free dictionary app will work on both iPhone and iPads. 
    • Inspiration – This app provides a easy way to construct and save colorful concept maps.

    • Teaching Channel ( This website provides a collection of videos related to teaching and learning. The videos are organized by subject area, grade, or topics.  The topics include assessment, classroom management, differentiation, engagement, planning, and addressing the needs of ELLs and students with disabilities.  Videos can be used to support the effectiveness of different instructional strategies, as a vehicle for observational activities, and to see how different strategies play out in actual classrooms. 
    • PBS Learning Media ( This website provides resources for faculty and K-12 teachers to support instruction.  The resources are organized by subject area and grade, and can be searched also by type of instructional resource.  These include short videos from PBS programs, audio segments, interactive animations, images, primary and secondary source documents, and lesson plans.  There are also resources available in Spanish. 
    • The iPad or Android Tablet can be used in the classroom by the teacher

    Handouts for the software available in the Multimedia Center.
    • iMovie Tutorial: Editing Footage in the Multimedia Center (4 pages) 
    • Editing Videos in Adobe Premiere (9 pages)

    iMEDIA provides instructional technology for the classroom, e.g. LCD projectors, computers, VCRs and DVDs players, TVs, VGA cables for projection rooms, etc.

If you would like to cover one of the following topics or you have a topic you would like to introduce, please contact a member of the Committee on Technology and Instructional Resources:

  • TaskStream
  • Multimedia 
  • Mobile devices
  • Social Media
  • Technology Standard
  • Maker labs
  • How to use the cloud to backup your data
  • Faculty shares their use of technology in the classroom 
  • Modeling the use of technology
  • Adobe Reader (read, grade student's papers, scan books)
  • Blogs
  • Blackboard (blogs, wikis, discussion board)