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Math for America (MFA) & CCNY Mathematics Education

School of Education

Math for America (MFA) & CCNY Mathematics Education

Coordinator: Despina Stylianou (

“Math for America” (MfA) is moving its initial teacher certification fellowship program to City College.  Drawing upon the strengths of each organization and best practices in teacher preparation, MfA and CCNY are uniquely positioned to provide this premiere training program for new mathematics teachers in New York City.  The CCNY/MfA Master’s Degree Program in Secondary Mathematics Education will focus on three core areas for successful teaching: 1) deepening mathematical content knowledge, 2) developing a pedagogical knowledge base for teaching mathematics to adolescents, and 3) immersive practice within school-based settings. The CCNY/MfA  MA degree in Mathematics Education will develop teachers with a strong mathematics backgrounds who are ready to inspire New York City secondary students to become successful learners of mathematics. 

Program highlights include:

  • Aligned coursework and fieldwork co-designed by CCNY Faculty, MfA staff, and MfAMaster Teachers
  • Placement of Fellows in New York City communities and schools throughout the program
  • Secondary School-College partnerships between MfA Master Teachers and CCNY Faculty
  • Mathematics coursework designed to support teaching and engage MfA Fellows as learners of mathematics
  • Three-day per week residency during the fall semester/Four-day per week residency during the spring semester
  • Performance-based assessment including documented impact on student learning
  • Program outcomes aligned with current NYCDOE expectations for teachers and students

In addition to initial teacher certification fellowships, Math for America supports New Career Teachers, Master Teachers, and Teacher Leaders.