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Teaching Fellows

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Teaching Fellows

Information for Teaching Fellows!  

We wanted to add some information to this page that you can use as a resource as you continue to navigate the program.  If any questions arise, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the CCNY Teaching Fellows office at


Specific Information for the different cohorts:

Cohort 25
Cohort 26

 Teaching Fellows Handbook


A student will be placed on probation if the grade point average falls below 3.0. The student may be removed from probation when the G.P.A. reaches 3.0.


A student will be dismissed if the G.P.A. remains below 3.0 for two semesters. Students may appeal their dismissal to the committee on Course and Standing.


Teaching Fellows Coordinator
Tristin Wildstein
Phone: 212-650-6251
Office: NAC 3/213
Open office hours: Tuesdays 1-6, Thursdays 1-6, and by appointment

Program Manager of Teaching Fellows Program and Adviser
Jesus Fraga, M.S.Ed.
Phone: 212-650-6054
Office: NAC 4/204B
Open office hours: Wednesday and Thursday 3:00-4:30 and by appointment

Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership & Special Education and Adviser
Laura Rader, Ed.D.
Phone: 212-650-7206
Office: NAC 3/227H
Open office hours: Monday and Thursday 3:00-4:30 and by appointment

Certification Officer
Melissa Tise
Phone: 212-650-5590
Office: 3/213
Office hours: Monday through Friday 9:00-5:00 (please email for appointments)

Chair, Educational Leadership & Special Education
Hazel Carter, Ph.D.
Phone: 212-650-6264
Office: 6/207B

Chair, Teaching, Learning & Culture
Nancy Stern, Ph.D.
Phone: 212-650-7897
Office: 3/213

Program Director of Bilingual Education & TESOL
Joseph Davis, Ph.D.
Phone: 212-650-5328
Office: 4/211C

Program Director of Special Education    
Christopher Yawn, Ph.D.
Phone: 212-650-7085
Office: 3/227J

Learning Resource Center
Leonard Lewis, Ph.D.
Phone: 212-650-7801
Office: 3/226

Multimedia Center
Doris Grasserbauer
Phone: 212-650-5795
Office: 4/217