Why CCNY School of Education?

Our students get jobs.

Link: Between 2015 and 2017, approximately 300 graduates of the City College School of Education were hired as teachers by the New York City Department of Education. Our graduates are hired in both shortage areas such as Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and Special Education as well as non-shortage areas such as Childhood Education, Social Studies Grades 7 - 12, and English Grades 7 - 12. Most hires are now teaching in the Bronx, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. (Taken from “Where We Are Now” in “About Us”).

City College overall has a proud history of promoting social mobility, as identified in the Social Mobility Index, and the School of Education carries on this tradition.

Our students ace certification requirements.

Link: School of Education completers are passing New York State certification requirements. Supports for these requirements are built into our courses and clinical experiences in a holistic way.& Furthermore, various School of Education offices (link to Multimedia Center and Learning and Technology?) offer guidance, technology, and collaborative sessions to help students prepare.

The results are clear. Data from the latest Title II report indicates a 92.5% passing rate among students in our traditional and alternative pathways. Additionally, graduates of the Educational Leadership Program are passing the School District Leader examination at a rate of 95% and the School Building Leader examination at a rate of 92%. (Taken from “Where We Are Now” and averages the traditional and alternative groups together.)

Our students and alumni are change makers.

School of Education students take responsibility for improving classrooms, schools, school districts, and community agencies. They display this commitment during their work at City College and throughout their career. Erin White is a Childhood Education major, yet she is not waiting to graduate before impacting the lives of New York City students. Born in Harlem, she works as an Academic Intervention Specialist with K - 5 students in the Harlem Children’s Zone. She acts on a vision: “I can encourage their imaginations to run wild with the places they can go socially and academically. I try to show them the true definition of reaching for the stars and aide them in gaining the confidence and desire to be anything that they want to be." (Taken from scholarship application - would need to check to see if OK). Whether through their own employment or course-linked clinical experiences, City College students make an impact.

As for alumni, Jesus Garcia is an established English Language Arts teacher at the middle school level, having been certified as an undergraduate at City College. He now also holds graduate degrees in special education and educational leadership - both from City College as well. He is recognized for the way he integrates culturally relevant topics into his classroom and promotes youth civic engagement. He is also a valued mentor of pre-service teachers both from New York City Teaching Fellows and from City College. (Taken from SEE’s memory - would need to check to see if OK). City College students teach and serve the educational community in urban contexts.

Our students are supported to succeed.

Link: At City College, students are surrounded by a sea of support. Faculty make themselves readily available to advise students and meet them at their points of need. On-campus resources are many. For example, the Office of Clinical Practice fosters and sustains strong partnerships in local schools and ensures student success in their fieldwork and student teaching experiences. The Multimedia Center meets students’ technology-related demands as stemming from their coursework and certification requirements. Finally, the School of Education is proud to offer approximately two-dozen scholarships each year just for undergraduate and graduate candidates in our programs.