GSOE Registration Tips

Grove School of Engineering Registration Tips

Below you will find basic rules of the advising process:

  1. Requisite(s) Violations: Don't register for a course unless you expect to satisfy its prerequisite(s) before it starts (or take its co-requisite(s) at the same time as the course). If you receive an insufficient grade in one of its prerequisites, then drop it. Otherwise you will be automatically removed from the course during the semester. Your tuition will not be refunded. As result, if you drop below 12 credits, visa status and financial aid will be invalidated.
  2. Advisement: You cannot register for next semester's classes until you get advised and produce a signed advisement form. See your assigned faculty advisor in your department or the General Advisor in ST-678. The schedule will be broadcasted via email and posted in the engineering departments. Check your CCNY e-mail account every week.
  3. Permits: You can take a course elsewhere and get credit for an equivalent course at GSOE only if you apply in advance to take it "on permit," and get permission to do so. The permit requires the approval of the department chair and the associate dean.
  4. Course Substitutions: If your choice of courses violates or doesn't satisfy published degree requirements, you must have written permission signed by the department chair and the associate dean. Nothing verbal is a guarantee -- get it in writing.
  5. Preliminary Graduation Check: Do a preliminary graduation check one year (85 credits) before you apply for graduation. Your General Advisor (room ST-678) can provide the form.

March 10, 2017