Electrical Engineering is a diverse discipline encompassing some of the smallest man-made objects, transistors for computer chips, as well as communication systems that span the earth and reach out into intergalactic space. The invention of the transistor 50 years ago touched off a technological revolution that continues unabated today, including the development of lasers, fiber optics, microcomputers, satellite communications, control systems, and increasingly sophisticated signal processing algorithms.

The faculty of the Grove School’s Department enhance their teaching activities with a number of active research programs in such areas as digital signal processing, computer engineering, optical and telecommunications, controls, remote sensing and photonics, and advanced students participate in these research efforts.

Students pursue professional engineering degrees at the undergraduate, masters and doctoral levels.


Faculty Spotlight

Myung Lee


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Research Spotlight

Photograph of Microgrid Testbed Setup


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Roger Dorsinville
Department Chair

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