To be competitive in today’s job market, candidates must have relevant industry experience.  The best way to gain this experience is through internships.   STEM-CDI is developing a network of alumni, faculty and industry partners to identify meaningful internships for its participants.  The goal is for you to develop skills, knowledge and a professional network.
STEM-CDI will work with each participant to identify appropriate internships and advise them throughout the application and interview process.  Our goal is to find a meaningful internship for every participant.

One of the realities of summer internships is that many (and most of the good ones) are unpaid.  We realize that this causes many outstanding students to forego an internship because the prospect of lost income is just not financially possible.  STEM-CDI is able to offer a STEM-CDI Summer Internship Stipend to any participant whose ideal internship turns out to be unpaid.

Our participants were offered internships and research assistantships with the following organizations:

  • Metropolitan Transit Authority
  • GreenStar Hub
  • Lower East Side Harm Reduction Center
  • Preserve our Legacy Cord Blood Program
  • New York Genome Center
  • NOAA
  • NASA
  • CCNY Department of Facilities
  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center- CCNY PURT
  • Mt. Sinai Adolescent Health Center
  • ConEdison
  • Bank of America
In order to qualify for the summer stipend, students must attend general meetings, participate in at least half of workshops, and do a mock interview.