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Remembering Paul Oppenheimer

Professor, CCNY English. Died July 28, 2022. Paul Oppenheimer

Our cherished colleague Paul Oppenheimer, 83, died on July 28, 2022. A poet, writer, dreamer, pedagogue and prankster, he taught as a professor of English at City College and the CUNY Graduate Center for over 50 years. He published on widely ranging subjects such as "Evil and the Demonic," "The Birth of the Modern Mind: Self, Consciousness, and the Invention of the Sonnet," guilt, four collections of poems, "A Pleasant Vintage of Till Eulenspiegel," studies of the lives and work of Peter Paul Rubens and Niccolo Machiavelli among them. Scores of students enjoyed his classes, and audiences for his poetry, novels, and criticism span the globe. Paul will be greatly missed, but his influence is vast and lasting. 

He is survived by his wife, Assia Nakova, daughters, Julie and Rebecca, from a previous marriage, and two granddaughters, Audrey and Hazel, sister, Miriam Bernstein and brother, Anton.

Donations in his name may be sent to the English Department of The City College of New York.



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